McLain Ward On How EquiFit Boots Differ

MCLAIN WARD: One of the great things about the D-Teq boots is that they’re made in the USA and made to fit the horse, compared to an injection-mold style boot where a plastic mold is formed and really has no way of adjusting or being supple to the horse’s legs Continue Reading

Winter #ROOTD – SmartPaker Renee

RENEEL: Hi, I’m Renee, and I work in Merchandising. This is my winter riding outfit of the day. My riding outfit starts with my favorite part – the SmartPak Merino Wool Quarter Zip Top. I love it because it has a merino wool blend, and it’s extremely soft against my Continue Reading

#ROOTD – SmartPaker Kristina

Hi, I’m Kristina, and this is my riding outfit of the day. My riding outfit of the day starts with the SunShield Longsleeve Shirt. I love this top, because it is super versatile. I can wear it in the summer months to protect against UV rays, or I can layer Continue Reading

Ariat® Volant S Zip Tall Boot Review

JESSICA: Hi, I’m Jessica from Product Development, and today I’m reviewing the Ariat Volant S Zip Tall Boots. I love these boots because of the combination of comfort and style. First of all, you cannot beat the Ariat footbed technology. These boots feature the Cobalt™ footbed, which is extremely comfortable Continue Reading

Winter Kerrits #ROOTD – SmartPaker Rebecca

REBECCA: Hi, I’m Rebecca from Merchandising, and this is my Winter Riding Outfit of the Day. My favorite piece of this outfit is the Kerrits Fleece Performance Tights. They have a soft fleece lining that keeps me very warm in the saddle. My favorite winter riding top is the Kerrits Continue Reading

Harwich Soft Leather Half Chap Review

EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily from Marketing, and today, I’m reviewing the Harwich Soft Leather Half Chap. What I love most about these half chaps is how soft the leather is. As soon as you take these out of the package, you’re going to feel it and notice it, and they Continue Reading

Tuff Rider Regal Field Boot Review

REBECCA: Hi, I’m Rebecca from Merchandising, and today, I’m reviewing the Tuff Rider Regal Field Boot. The first thing I love about this boot is the quality of the leather. It’s very soft and very grippy and there is zero break-in time. It also has this stylish square toe and Continue Reading

Eventing #ROOTD – SmartPaker Cora

CORA: Hi, I’m Cora, and I’m from Customer Care. This is my riding outfit of the day. My riding outfit starts with the Piper Full Seat Breeches. I love these breeches, because they’re super comfortable, I love the connection I get with the saddle, and they come in a variety Continue Reading

One K Defender Matte Helmet Review

Hi, I’m Katie, and I work on our Business and Analytics team, and today, I’m reviewing the One K Defender Matte Helmet. I chose this helmet because it’s super comfortable and really lightweight. A lot of times, I even forget that I’m wearing it. This helmet also has vents on Continue Reading

How to replace air cartridges in Point Two air vests

CORA: Hi, I’m Cora, and I work in IT. But as a former member of the Customer Care Team, I know we get lots of questions about how to change the air cartridges in our air vests. As an eventer, I have lots of experience changing those cartridges, and today, Continue Reading