Mount Snow Minute 7: Fresh Snow and Midnight Express

Hey guys, it’s Lauren here with another Mount Snow Minute. It’s been a while but Mother Nature finally dropped back in with some fresh snow. The snow is off to resurface our terrain and help bring back great skiing and riding conditions. Don’t forget that Midnight Express is still going Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Head Strong Instinct TI Skis

Hi I’m Adam and i was just skiing on the Head Strong Instinct Ti. I give this ski 4.5 out of 5 stars. Great ski for that athletic intermediate mellow side advanced skier. Very, very quick into the turn. Nice and stable. Full length vertical side walls on it, a Continue Reading

Mike’s Review-Head Natural Instinct Skis

Hey, I’m Mike. I just got done skiing the all new Head Natural Instinct. I’m going to give this ski a 4 out of 5 stars. I would say this ski is really for your advanced beginner all the way up through your intermediate who is really wanting to learn Continue Reading

Brigitte’s Review-Head Pure Joy Skis

Hi I’m Brigitte and I just got off the Head Pure Joy. I give this ski a 4 out of 5. It was a great ski for a beginner – intermediate skier. It initiates its turns really well, even on some harsher conditions. It was pretty easy to manipulate and Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Head Supershape iRally Skis

Hi I’m Thom I just got off of the Head Supershape iRally. This thing is a 5 out of 5 star ski. It is incredibly fun. It is definitely a purpose built skier. This is for your advanced to expert level skier that wants an on trail carving machine. This Continue Reading

Linda’s Review-Head Total Joy Skis

Hi I’m Linda. I just skied the Head Total Joy. This is a 5 out of 5 advanced intermediate, awesome ski. Even a little advanced. It holds a edge real well, nice and turney. Rebound, not a ton but definitely a little pop makes it a fun board. Pretty much Continue Reading

A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game

A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game Baby tiger sneaks up on its mom Baby gets glasses, and can see clearly for the first time. Look how the table has turned Dad cat very concerned about his son after surgery This little pup was so Continue Reading

Brigitte’s Review-Head Absolut Joy Skis

Hi I’m Brigitte and I just got off the Head Absolut Joy. I give this ski a 4 out of 5 stars. I think it was a great beginner ski to intermediate ski. It really rode well as far as I had some pretty treacherous terrain, held its ground was Continue Reading

How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet

How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet. It’s critical to have a bicycle helmet that fits, so it can protect your head during a bicycle accident. You will need A measuring tape A bicycle helmet and foam pads. Step 1. Use a measuring tape to measure your head’s circumference. This Continue Reading