The World’s Longest Reigning Monarch – Queen Elizabeth II Biography

Imagine traveling in a foreign country when you learn the news of your father’s death. Now, imagine that death means you are now at the helm of the British Empire. That is how Queen Elizabeth II discovered she would no longer be a Princess, but instead would be Queen of Continue Reading

The Genesis of Mikaela Shiffrin: U.S. Alpine Skier & Olympic Gold Medalist | NowThis

Mikaela Shiffrin is already one of the best skiers in history, and she’s only 22. Shiffrin’s family bounced around during her childhood. She was born in Colorado, moved to New Hampshire at the age of 8, and then returned to Colorado as a teen. She also attended middle school in Continue Reading

D&D Story: The first time I ran a D&D game. Swimming in the Sewers

This story comes from my first time GMing a Dungeons and Dragons game. I subbed in for the regular GM. I got my players together with our first level characters, my GM screen, my notes, a little nervous, but I was ready to go. So, the story starts off in Continue Reading

Ice Skating Elsa toy doll from Disney Frozen review unboxing

Hi Guys Totstoycollector here, here to show you ice skating Elsa and the frozen royal sister dolls. Now Im only going to unbox one of these ones, I think today we’ll unbox ice skating Elsa Alright, lets unbox ice skating Elsa. There she is. for her skate And here she Continue Reading

Spinning Out | Official Trailer | Netflix

Skating’s like breathing. I can’t imagine not doing it. And if I stopped, I feel like drowning. That metaphor got dark real fast. You’re a beautiful skater. I’m done. That was my last skate. You’re just a little scared. I’m not a little scared. I’m terrified. You were perfect, and Continue Reading

Four Continents Figure Skating Championships begin in Seoul Thursday 피겨스케이팅: I

Meanwhile, the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships kick off in Seoul on Thursday, and it′s a chance for Korean skaters to shine on the international scene. The ISU senior-level event features the world′s top figure skaters. Korea′s brightest talent is national champion Park So-youn, who′s been pegged to succeed her Continue Reading

Tori Spelling has a wheel-y good time at roller skating bash – News Live

What better way to bond with the kids than with a day of roller skating?   Tori Spelling and Teddi Mellencamp enjoyed a day with their families at the roller rink on Friday    The actress, 46, and reality star, 38, headed to the Rainbow Surprise Rollerskating Party in Los Angeles, where they doted Continue Reading

The ‘Full House’ When Urkel Taught Steph Glasses Positivity

(heartwarming music) – [Narrator] Stephanie has a note from school. It says she can’t see for shit and needs glasses yesterday. She denies these baseless allegations by jamming her face an inch from the note to read it. Girl, it is time to check those peepers. – What if they Continue Reading

Alexandra Trusova is ready for the Rostelecom Cup 2019

Today the ice will become hot. The 5th stage of the Grand Prix series will be held in Moscow. The Quad Queen Alexandra Trusova missed the home. Sasha made the jumping revolution at the Grand Prix in Canada in the image of the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clark Continue Reading