Hiking | Boxers or Briefs | San Gabriel Mountains | 2017 Mens Fashion in Underwear

Hey guys this is Kevin Spencer for The Underwear Expert. I’m up bright and early this morning so I can go hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains. I am a complete hiking rookie. I just bought some boots specifically for this hike. My friend Steve from the campfire adventure company Continue Reading

TRAIL WARS: Hikers and mountain bikers fighting in Marin over wild land trail access

IN MARIN COUNTY… KPIX FIVE’S JOHN RAMOS SHOWS US: MOUNTAIN BIKERS THERE ARE GETTING POLITICAL. In Marin County, motorists are told to share the road with bicyclists. But it seems that sentiment changes where the road ends. ARE ALLOWED ON FIRE TRAILS… BUT CYCLISTS SAY THEY’RE ONLY ALLOWED ON 9 Continue Reading

What Made Hikers Take Clothes Off In Below Freezing Temps? (The Dyatlov Pass Mystery)

February 2nd, 1959 – It’s a bitterly cold night in the remote northern Soviet Union wilderness. Nine hikers make camp in a Ural Mountains pass near the peak known as Kholat Syakhl, or the Dead Mountain. They are 7 days into a strenuous 16 day expedition and are slightly off Continue Reading

Search Crews Continue To Look For Obviously Dead Hikers

It’s now been seven days since a group of hikers went missing in Maine’s Acadia National Park, but rescue crews there are still holding out hope of finding them alive. Autistic reporter Michael Falk is on the scene there. Michael. Hello, Brooke. My socks got wet. That camera man gave Continue Reading

5 Hikers Who Mysteriously Disappeared | Part 1

1. Kevin Race Kevin Race was a business owner in Woolwich, Maine who went missing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. On the ninth of September, 2007, a car belonging to Kevin Race was found in a parking lot of the Appalachian Mountain Club at the bottom of the Continue Reading