United Skates (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

MAN:Once you go into the skate world,it’s a world of its own.You don’t know what to expect. You hear the bass,you step out on the floor and just let it go.♪ (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ MAN: As you go across the country,you’ll find if it’s a really thriving rink,it’s Continue Reading

Action Bronson – “Easy Rider” (Official Video)

Don’t let me die! Solider tell me what happened. Where is my guitar. Where is my guitar! Praise the lord i was born to drive low Feeling like Slash in front of the chapel I’m leaned back with the Les Paul Shit I smoke is like cholesterol Spilled dressin’ on Continue Reading

Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE “Hi Bich / Whachu Know” (Official Music Video)

Oh my God, Ronny! White Jays, white Porsche White wrist, white horse Hi, bich (x4) I do not sniff it or roll it (nope) It do not drip when I pour it (nope) I do not run, I reload it (nope) I do not save it, I throw it White Continue Reading

Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

When I found out Billboard took it off the country charts … Before it was even taken off the country charts, I was just happy to be on Billboard at all. Even after they did take it off, I was like, “Okay, at least I’m still on Billboard.” Then, I Continue Reading

SZA Rides Horses & Shares The Inspiration Behind ‘Ctrl’ | IRL

Aye, What’s up. I’m Rob. I’m here with my friend. SZA. And we’re here at Gallop NYC. We figured we come here do a little horseback riding. You ready? I am ready. Are you ready? I’m ready. If you weren’t doing music, do you think it would be something with Continue Reading

OLD TOWN ROAD – Lil Nas X | Marty Ray Project Acoustic Cover

Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride ’til I can no more Take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride ’til I can no more Can nobody tell me nothin’ Can tell me nothin’ Can nobody tell me nothin’ Can Continue Reading

Hip-Hop and Horses

– [Baldenna Tha King] Houston rap to me is the backbone of hip-hop, but the music that I make is different. ♪ Trailride in my city ♪ There’s no one in my lane that’s doing what I’m doing. I’m Baldenna Tha King, and I make trail ride rap. ♪ “Trailride Continue Reading

West Coast (feat. Blueface, ALLBLACK & YG) (Official Video)

♪ Six million ways to mob, choose one ♪ ♪ Some-some-something about the West coast ♪ ♪ It’s something in the water ♪ ♪ Something about the West coast ♪ ♪ Ayy, ooh, ayy, ooh ♪ ♪ You can’t imagine the way that this cash feelin’ ♪ ♪ Don’t know Continue Reading

Key & Peele – Rap Album Confessions

[snaps] First things first. I do not care that you’re a multi-platinum selling rapper, Gun Rack. What I care about is that I, 100%, know that you murdered Darnell Simmons. So, you better start talking. [dramatic music] ♪ [softly] Yeah, but you ain’t got nothing. Oh. Uh, you know, I’m Continue Reading