Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Snowboard Slam

I went snowboarding once and it was in New Jersey, and it was a like a fake mountain You know like not real snow -right- I would just- I would either bust my ass immediately, or I’d be going like 70 fucking miles an hour And I would literally like Continue Reading

Skating Rollerblading Documentary Nino35yearsanniversary Skola rolera

I was always more into the child adventures, than into money adventures. When story comes from the heart, words are not sufficient This the story about making subculture & begining of this art-sport in Balcan and ex Yugoslavia, It`s also about Serbia, contry once quite closed and unfrendly for all Continue Reading

The Great Wall of China: Hiking & Camping!

We are on our way to the Great Wall of China, but instead of fighting our way through hordes of tourists we’ll put on snake repellent and explore awe inspiring unrestored portions of the wall with our incredible guide Peter. The Jiankou section of the wall is one of the Continue Reading

The Legend of the Crazy Canucks Olympic Alpine Skiing Team | On the Line

From 1975 to 1984, the Crazy Canucks defined what it meant to be the best in the world, mostly in downhill, but it defined it because they were individuals who worked together, who pushed each other, who encouraged and empowered each other to beat whatever came their way, regardless of Continue Reading

Canucks Home Opener – Behind the Scenes of the Historic Night

– You’re always excited for your first home game of the year. Extra special tonight with the naming of the captain and kicking off the 50th anniversary. So it’ll be a special night for our fans and our players. – It’s not hard to get up for this one, it’s Continue Reading

History of ice-skating (pt.1)

According to Roman Wilfand, Director of Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia, this winter is going to be colder than those winters we have got used to for the past decade. Many are desperate about it. But here at Mind Palace (Chertogi razuma) we have decided to live this winter to the Continue Reading

What Made Hikers Take Clothes Off In Below Freezing Temps? (The Dyatlov Pass Mystery)

February 2nd, 1959 – It’s a bitterly cold night in the remote northern Soviet Union wilderness. Nine hikers make camp in a Ural Mountains pass near the peak known as Kholat Syakhl, or the Dead Mountain. They are 7 days into a strenuous 16 day expedition and are slightly off Continue Reading

How the “Dolphin Kick” changed Swimming forever | On the Line

I used to do like four or five dolphin kicks off the walls and that would probably get me about five to seven metres underwater. It was 1984, nobody was using it. I started, but the next generation came around and took it further than I did. I might be Continue Reading

The Strongest Man in History: Swimming Challenge | Exclusive | History

[ music ] [ bells tolling ] – So, guys, are you ready for this? – What have we got here? – I’ve set you the challenge this week to be as whole as you possibly can. Back in my teenage years, I was actually a national champion swimmer. I Continue Reading

This is Sparta: Fierce warriors of the ancient world – Craig Zimmer

In ancient Greece, violent internal conflict between bordering neighbors and war with foreign invaders was a way of life, and Greeks were considered premier warriors. Most Greek city-states surrounded themselves with massive defensive walls for added protection. Sparta in its prime was a different story, finding walls unnecessary when it Continue Reading