How to Improve Skating – Off-Ice Drills for Stride Power and Balance

Here we are going to go through the single leg bound low sequence.So it is going to be nice and low the entire time as we bound forward. We are never going to explode in fully extend our leg going to keep that ninety degree knee bent, really working on Continue Reading

Sparx Home Skate Sharpener detailed review

(heavy metal music) – Hey guys, it’s Jeremy from HowToHockey with the Hockey Movement and I just tested a machine that can sharpen hockey skates at home. Yes, at home. It could be a huge product for the hockey market, brand new. In this video, I’m gonna test out and Continue Reading

“Most Underrated Skating Skill” – Derek Popke

(light rock music) – Hi I’m Derek Popke, skating and skills coach Vancouver Hockey School. Most underrated tip for skating for young skaters is mastering the outside edge. It’s one of the hardest edges to use, but it’s the edge that leads into crossovers, leads into backwards transition, leads into Continue Reading

Max Ivanov Feature – Skating Coach of Malkin, Crosby and the Penguins

– Hey guys, Jeremy here with The Hockey Movement, here in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, at the Wasaga Stars Arena. This is our second instructor feature, inside this arena all the way from Russia, currently living in Pittsburgh and working with the Pittsburgh Penguins, this instructor has worked personally with Crosby Continue Reading