Yo! “how you been?” This is Eddie Removing the rust right? still rusty? still rusty what do you call that? the no skate grind ends with a face plant? there you go so boring Hi guys, I’m a future upcoming Twitch streamer my name is KidBuddha K I D B Continue Reading

5 Things All hockey players should know about skates before buying

Hey guys Chris from Hockey Tutorial here and today in this video we’re going to be taking a look at five things that every single hockey player should know about hockey skates before they buy now whether you’re new to the game when you’re buying your first pair or you’ve Continue Reading

Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

It won’t matter because the ice that’s kind of soft it’s even like no sharpening your Sunday They’ve never been wrong or like matter. Yeah Yes can I’m gonna do behind you sweat get you Jersey and get a shot of it, you know Well, I’ll just wait here yo Continue Reading

Dude Perfect Hockey Skills Challenge | FACE OFF

Tyler: Ladies and gentlemen handsome boys and beautiful girl, welcome to another episode of, [Incoherent intro to game] For Gamers *ding ding* Tyler: This week we got a hockey face off, let’s see who the announcer is Here it’s gonna – *Drum roll* Announcer for this face off is…😎 Cory!🌍 Continue Reading

“Most Underrated Skating Skill” – Derek Popke

(light rock music) – Hi I’m Derek Popke, skating and skills coach Vancouver Hockey School. Most underrated tip for skating for young skaters is mastering the outside edge. It’s one of the hardest edges to use, but it’s the edge that leads into crossovers, leads into backwards transition, leads into Continue Reading

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Backward Turns

Now we can try to push ourselves, backwards on a curve. Only with one leg. In this exercise, it’s also important to turn inside the circle. And let’s do it in the other direction, now. Now you can try to crossover. But don’t forget to turn inside the circle, with Continue Reading

Rockered: 3 v 4 Wheel Inline Skates Comparison

What’s up skate fam? David Lawliet from double D here. Today’s episode is going to be a comparison I want to discuss the differences between a rockered three wheel and a rockered four wheel inline skate setup, but before we begin I’d like to give a big shout-out to Tiago Continue Reading