What age should you break a horse to drive? Immature horses etc.

Seren is a three year old mare that we broke to drive. Although she is going happily in single out on the roads, in a rubber bit, in our opinion she needs to go home and physically mature before starting a full driving career. At the moment her quarters are Continue Reading

National Ability Center COACH Intern Story: Ali Steenis

I started when I was about five years old in therapeutic riding lessons. It’s a deep passion… It’s a very deep passion for horses. They’re kind of my saving grace in a lot of ways. I’ve known Ali for a very long time. I started teaching her when she was Continue Reading

ALL THE HORSES | Sophie Ward

so this was this this is impromptu impromptu did your friend name it no it came with the name and this is the horse that had you have the mini tumble yesterday no this one actually oh sorry goodbye that’s high oh no what really it’s not that No okay Continue Reading

Demolition Derby: PETA’s Investigations Expose Horse-Racing Cruelty

Hi, I’m James Cromwell for PETA. I want to make a bet with you. One that I hope I lose. I’ll bet you that at least three horses will be killed on a racetrack today. Unfortunately, it’s a safe bet because every year more than one thousand horses die on Continue Reading

LTR Training Tip #66: Checking Your Under-Saddle Tack And Equipment

Hi, I’m Meredith Hodges, and welcome to the Lucky Three Ranch Training Tips. You’re going to be wearing a properly fitted riding helmet from now on—no exceptions. If your equine were to bolt or buck, a helmet could prevent a concussion. Around the Lucky Three Ranch, it’s always safety first! Continue Reading

Riding High with Horseback Therapy

Hi. I’m Aurelie. I work in HSBC Private Bank, Singapore in the Operational Risk team. I started to be a volunteer for RDA in October 2010. RDA stands for Riding for the Disabled Association. We provide a programme giving free therapeutic horse riding sessions to different riders with all kinds Continue Reading

Riding a horse from Moscow to Transylvania

When Michael Pugh told me that he wanted to travel to Transylvania, I really thought he was pulling my leg. It took almost an hour for him to convince me otherwise. He wanted me to organize the trip. I have considerable experience of arranging programs of this sort, but never Continue Reading

Too Fat to Ride a Horse? Exploring Cappadocia’s Landscape

*Music* Alright after a bit of a scary delay…I thought I lost my camera Turns out it had just fallen out my bag in the back We’re about to go horseback riding so through the valley with these bad boys. Are you excited for this? Just pretend to be an Continue Reading

Iceland – Viking Horse Riding

(upbeat music) – Horses hold a special place in Icelandic culture, and today, I’m gonna get to meet this unique viking horse. Iceland began as a settlement of viking explorers and they brought this unique breed of horse with them to the island. – [Man] He’ll take good care of Continue Reading