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Indian Relay Horse Racing; Piikani Nation | First Nations Canada Pow Wow Dancing

Welcome back to Traveling with Krushworth On this episode, LilLizzy and I visit Brocket, Alberta during the 61st Piikani Nation Annual Celebration for the powwow, the rodeo and Indian Relay Racing, an event said to be “North America’s oldest extreme sport.” The thrills and spills of Indian Relay Races must Continue Reading

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Making money from horse racing has never been easier with online betting. With so many races to choose from, if you follow these tips you should be seeing regular wins. 1. Specialise. you can only watch and be knowledgeable on so many races. So pick one area and know it Continue Reading

Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.1

♫ Intro music ♫Hi everyone! My name is Juliann Lumm and I am the Product Manager for Rival Stars Horse Racing, which just released two weeks ago. In these Developer Update videos, we’re going to bring you new updates, new content, new mechanics, and just talk a little bit more Continue Reading

Rival Stars Horse Racing: AVAILABLE NOW!

♫ Jaunty music plays ♫[Horse nickers][Birds chirp]♫ Musical melody plays ♫[Birds tweet][Horse nickers][More bird calls][Horse snorts][Horses nickering][Hoof stomping][Hoofsteps][Chimes]♫ Music continues ♫♫ Music escalates ♫[Horse snorts][Birdsong][Bird twittering]♫ Music builds ♫[Many hoofsteps]♫ Music builds ♫Announcer: The starter gets us underway here.[Bell rings][Many hoofbeats]Announcer: As they come to the final leg, they set Continue Reading

FASHION Exhibition “Hunting and Horse Racing” by Aleksandr Vassiljev | Модный аллюр: охота и скачки

“Hunting and horse racing” fashion exhibition by Aleksandr Vassiljev foundation at Keila-Joa’s castle Schloss Fall. Hunting was the main activity of man since he left the cave, but the fashion for hunting costumes was born much later, when in the Middle Ages, hunting became the favorite entertainment of the Western Continue Reading

The Last Anglo-Indian Jockeys Of Kolkata | Unique stories from India

The Anglo-Indian community has brought horse-racing to Kolkata Kolkata had four race courses – Behala was one There was a race course in Tollygunge And a few other places in Kolkata Then suddenly it started losing its glamour All the rich owners like The Maharajas, the Maharanis, the big names Continue Reading

Best Horse Race in mandvi beach : वीर और मोती की रफ़्तार की जुंगल बंदी

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Young Blood: Fatal Breakdowns of Juvenile Racehorses

Every spring, at the Two Year Olds in Training Auction, young thoroughbreds are whipped into sprinting, at excessive speeds to impress potential buyers. These events are called “under tack shows.” Here, buyers are hoping to identify the next Kentucky Derby winner. The juvenile race horses are forced to run one-eighth Continue Reading