The Child Jockeys of Mongolia

DREW VOICEOVER: I’m Drew Scanlon. I’m exploring the world through the lens of games, and doing it with the support of people like you on Patreon. Help us out at Mongolia’s Naadam festival, which kicks off with an impressive opening ceremony, is an annual celebration of Mongolian culture, and Continue Reading

Horse Racing Cartoon for Kids – Colors of Learning with Horse Color and Number & Learn Name Horse

along with the frames in this video today we are joining to a house show to see how to get ready for it and to watch a horse racing are you guys ready let’s meet the horses Tommy Tommy field whoa what’s this big house have you guys seen it Continue Reading

Irish jockey almost falls off horse but wins race after incredible recovery

An incredible recovery. It’s the ride of the season.

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Horse riding


Funny Horse: Horse Riding or Racing

Hello Guys These are the 6 participants Commanding officer of Indian Army having a chat with them This is one of the favourite to win, name: Mr. Reyaz When asked later he said I clearly told CO that I will win Getting ready to flag off the event CO will Continue Reading

Woah Shamrock! Rider loses control of retired racehorse.

come on– hey woah woah woah woah woah sham walk *deep, spooky horns* WOAH *HORNS* *INTENSE STRINGS* Shamrock, woah Sham! woah NO! SHAM! FOR FUCK’S SAKE *ALARM* WOAHHH SHAMROCK! oh, jesus christ Sha-ShAM WOAAAHHH WOAHHH SHAM OH JESUS, AHH SHAM WOAH WAH WOAHSH WOOOAAHHHH SHAM WOAAHH WOOOOOOOOAH WOOOAHH SHAMROCK Woh Continue Reading

Behind The Scenes at the British Racing School, Episode 2

The students are now about three weeks into the nine-week program at the British Racing School and they’ve been progressing in both their stable duties and their riding. In this episode of Behind the Scenes at the British Racing School, we speak to a few of the students on Course Continue Reading

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Selected team of Pnjab Pakistan Khan qamar zaman khan international rider “Masha ALLAH” team is comming Haji khan qamar zaman khan horse namse “Hidalgo”

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