Your body – how to make the most of your natural body shape when horse riding

Hello, hi Julie thanks for organizing the presentation and hello everybody else who’s with us this morning or this evening depending on which country you’re in and we’ll get started, okay and so a little bit about myself first if you haven’t met me before, I have a master’s degree Continue Reading

ALL THE HORSES | Sophie Ward

so this was this this is impromptu impromptu did your friend name it no it came with the name and this is the horse that had you have the mini tumble yesterday no this one actually oh sorry goodbye that’s high oh no what really it’s not that No okay Continue Reading

how to Prepare for Your First Horse Show – without losing your cool

Today I’m gonna share with you seven tips that you can use right away to get yourself organized So you don’t lose your cool at your next horse show, so let’s get started Hi there my name is Laura and welcome to another video if it’s your first time here, Continue Reading

Funny Horse: Horse Riding or Racing

Hello Guys These are the 6 participants Commanding officer of Indian Army having a chat with them This is one of the favourite to win, name: Mr. Reyaz When asked later he said I clearly told CO that I will win Getting ready to flag off the event CO will Continue Reading


um hello welcome to another episode of the everyday hero show my name is Swardiq Mayanja and on today’s show I get to talk to this wonderful lady Sophie who actually works with me but the cool thing about Sofia she takes care of the horses she trains you train Continue Reading