Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Equitation

To compete in equitation class, the first thing you want to make sure of is that your horse is well groomed, clipped and their mane is pulled. For all equitation classes, you don’t have to braid, although for the higher level equitation classes, you should. As far as your tack Continue Reading

Driving a single (strong-willed pony).

We’ve got a car coming past now, so I’ve got the reins slack nothing on him at all, and he’s not taking any notice. What I’m going to do now, I’m going to take the brake off this vehicle and ask him to hold it. See him hold the whole Continue Reading

Horse Care : How to Tack a Horse

To tack your horse, we’ll begin by making sure your horse is groomed. Assuming that it is, we’ll begin with the saddle pad. And we’re going to put the saddle pad right up to where her hair starts to grow on her withers. And the place that the girth goes Continue Reading

LTR Training Tip #66: Checking Your Under-Saddle Tack And Equipment

Hi, I’m Meredith Hodges, and welcome to the Lucky Three Ranch Training Tips. You’re going to be wearing a properly fitted riding helmet from now on—no exceptions. If your equine were to bolt or buck, a helmet could prevent a concussion. Around the Lucky Three Ranch, it’s always safety first! Continue Reading

Behind The Scenes at the British Racing School, Episode 1

The British racing School in Newmarket is responsible for nurturing the career of some of our industry’s greats including champion jockeys, trainers, traveling head people, and of course the stable staff to look after our thoroughbreds on a daily basis. Over the next few weeks, TDN has been granted special Continue Reading

Basic Rope Work With Horses // Versatile Horsemanship

no with our free we want to teach our verses to lead by a foot okay so now at first a lot of them when they feel that growth on their foot they want to turn away anywhere but and that’s going to be something that I have you guys Continue Reading

Horse Riding: How To Stop Your Horse From Bulging The Shoulder

Turn your hips in – your belly button in – as his barrel swings out. So now. Now. Forward in between. So it’s sort of … forward and turn. And turn from your seat. And the outside leg is going to close a little. And move him in … as Continue Reading

Horse Training Fun – Simple TIP – TRICK

– Tough, but I’m going to see if I canter out of this. So I’m going to turn. I’m going to get my body feel up and he did, good. Good. So now as we get going I’m going to halt. I’m going to com through my turn. It might Continue Reading