Taking Care of Horses : Cleaning Horse’s Ears

Aw man, heater stopped working again. I think it’s faulty, gotta take it back. Ya, it’s solid, the horses aren’t drinking that water. Thick ice. Well, always try to remove as much ice as you can. So, part of daily grooming or weekly depending on how often you get to Continue Reading

What age should you break a horse to drive? Immature horses etc.

Seren is a three year old mare that we broke to drive. Although she is going happily in single out on the roads, in a rubber bit, in our opinion she needs to go home and physically mature before starting a full driving career. At the moment her quarters are Continue Reading

Take Your Circle Work To The Next Level! Add Variety, Understand Your Aids, Offer Clarity!

– And then as I come to this cone, he’s bending and shaping right. What I’m doing with my legs is the leg closest to the cone is forward. And the leg furthest from the cone is back but then in between the cones I end up shifting my legs. Continue Reading

Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Working Hunter

To compete in a working hunter class, you first want to make sure that your horse is extremely well groomed, they should be clipped, their feet should be clean and you don’t want to have any boots on your horse or any bell boots on. In most cases, your horse Continue Reading

Blended Spirits Ranch in Fairview Pennsylvania Equestrian Therapy Horses Veteran Support

oh I like easy if he has he is all I don’t really know like he is easy to work with maybe stubborn sometimes but um you may get distracted which this is like a massage for um the horse I do it and then I do it on his Continue Reading

Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Equitation

To compete in equitation class, the first thing you want to make sure of is that your horse is well groomed, clipped and their mane is pulled. For all equitation classes, you don’t have to braid, although for the higher level equitation classes, you should. As far as your tack Continue Reading

Driving a single (strong-willed pony).

We’ve got a car coming past now, so I’ve got the reins slack nothing on him at all, and he’s not taking any notice. What I’m going to do now, I’m going to take the brake off this vehicle and ask him to hold it. See him hold the whole Continue Reading