When Normal Skiing Just Won’t Do

(fast paced guitar strumming over cheering) – [Richard] From the very first time I did a run I was hooked. It’s a competition, and my family, we’re about competition. (fast paced guitar strumming) – When you get behind that horse, and it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve done it, Continue Reading

Solstice Winter Boot from SmartPak

HANNAH: Hi, my name is Hannah, and I’m here to introduce to you the new SmartPak Solstice Winter Boot. It’s a great versatile boot that can be worn in a variety of different ways, and I’m here to show you a few different options. So the first way I want Continue Reading

The LeMieux Merino+ Range & How It Benefits Your Horse | Naylors Equestrian

Hi I’m Lloyd from Horse Health and I’m here to tell you today about the Merino+ range that we now do. We do these in a range of styles so we do the GP, we do a close contact, and we do a dressage. The difference between our Merino+ and Continue Reading

SMARTPAK EXCLUSIVE – Justin Women’s Bent Rail Boot Review

KAYLEIGH:Hi, I’m Kayleigh from Merchandising, and today I will be reviewing the SmartPak Exclusive Justin Women’s Bent Rail Boot. I love these boots because they’re comfortable, functional and stylish. These boots are modeled after the popular Justin Bent Rail Collection with a stylish color combination you can only find at Continue Reading

How to Groom a Horse : Introduction to Grooming a Horse

Hi, this is Mary Keith Hunter for Expert Village. Today we’ll be talking about how to groom a horse. So to begin with I find it helpful to have the horse on my cross side so you can have both hands to do the grooming. It’s always important to have Continue Reading

Horses! Learn about Horses for Children

(“Call to the Post”) – [Instructor] Horses. (horse whinnying) Horses started out as much smaller creatures, but over 50 million years, they became the animals we know and love today. Nowadays, there are 60 million horses on Earth. Humans domesticated horses over 5,000 years ago. (upbeat music) Horses live about Continue Reading