Working in the Equine Industry Interviews: Working with Horses, Equestrian Jobs, Equine Careers

In today’s episode our channel is taken over by my good friend in Brazil, Adriana. She interviews several empowered equestrian adventuresses about their amazing accomplishments with horses in a male dominated country. So, stay tuned! Hi Adventuresses, here is Adriana. I’m talking to you about an event that our university Continue Reading

Coastal Now – The Equestrian Team

Becoming the coach of the team has been really a great experience for me. These girls work really hard. They’re here two three times a week, some of them are here more than they even need to be here. They work really really hard. Our horse shows are around 5:00 Continue Reading

Road Tripping Visits The Graham Equestrian Center

Hi, my name is Marcia Ferreira and I’m one of Baltimore County’s Public Librarians. Welcome to our podcast “Road Tripping with BCPL”. I would travel only by horse if I had the chance said Linda McCarthy. Well, now a days some of us may choose a different means of transportation Continue Reading

Take Your Circle Work To The Next Level! Add Variety, Understand Your Aids, Offer Clarity!

– And then as I come to this cone, he’s bending and shaping right. What I’m doing with my legs is the leg closest to the cone is forward. And the leg furthest from the cone is back but then in between the cones I end up shifting my legs. Continue Reading

Your body – how to make the most of your natural body shape when horse riding

Hello, hi Julie thanks for organizing the presentation and hello everybody else who’s with us this morning or this evening depending on which country you’re in and we’ll get started, okay and so a little bit about myself first if you haven’t met me before, I have a master’s degree Continue Reading

Beezie Madden: It’s Why I Ride

I’d say what drives me is a competitive nature to be the best. I think it’s a real game of concentration, putting yourself in the horse’s head a little bit. I hear the rhythm of a horse covering the ground, the breathing of the horse, and the horse gives you Continue Reading

Potts Preserve

Potts Preserve in northeast Citrus County is 9,300 acres of pristine Florida wilderness. Purchased by the Southwest Florida Water Management District to protect the area’s water and wetlands, the Preserve contains a variety of native ecosystems and wildlife, including the threatened Florida scrub-jay. This property is very important because of Continue Reading

Ariat Presents: How To Fit a Half Chap

Oh hey there! My name’s Keir and today we’re at the barn and I’m going to show you how to fit the half chap. Best thing to do is to make sure you have the appropriate clothing on. I’ve got my breeches on so I’m all set. You just want Continue Reading