Inside UK’s Mounted Police Unit

I’m so lucky! I’m at the top secret Mounted Horse Training Centre in London somewhere with these absolutely beautiful horses. They’re the ones that you see when you go to football games, or maybe out on patrol, then you see these beauties. They all get together a few times a Continue Reading

VLOGMAS: Horseback Riding in Denmark //圣诞节: 去丹麦骑马场

Hey friends, good morning Today is December 29th, omg the time is so fast I’m still at home Today I am going to ride a horse But because I made such a nice video last year about me riding a horse, to show my Chinese friends where I went horseback Continue Reading

Horseback Riding in Mongolia – Riding Guest speaks of “the most professional outfit”

What we haven’t mentioned yet of course, is the quality of the catering. Amazing really to think that we were out in the, in the wild really, all that time and the food was so excellent. Ahm I think we should also mention the wranglers, the guys who looked after Continue Reading

Beautiful Evening Riding Horses

[music] I got my cowboy hat on [ducks quacking loudly. That happens a lot on this farm.] Are you riding Luke? [Luke shakes head “no”] no I don’t even have to groom Maggie’s back… aaa, a little bit What’s going on? Did you roll around today? Did you roll around Continue Reading