McLain Ward On How EquiFit Boots Differ

MCLAIN WARD: One of the great things about the D-Teq boots is that they’re made in the USA and made to fit the horse, compared to an injection-mold style boot where a plastic mold is formed and really has no way of adjusting or being supple to the horse’s legs Continue Reading

Meeting Horses while on your ATV | Indiana DNR

(Rider) Morning. (ATV rider) Good Morning. How are you all doing today. (Rider) Oh, pretty good. (ATV rider) Good. (Rider) Thanks for pulling over. (ATV rider) Your welcome. Am I over far enough? (Rider) Oh yeah, you’re good. Thank you so much. (ATV rider) You’re welcome. (Rider) Is there anybody Continue Reading

How to fit the Professional’s Choice Pro Mesh Cross Country Boots

TAMIE SMITH: Hi, I’m Tamie Smith and this is my horse, Mai Baum. This is the Professional’s Choice Pro Performance Cross Country Boot. We like the Pro Performance Cross Country Boot because of its durability, the Pebax material on the inside where the strike tendon guard is is very flexible. Continue Reading

How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Use Boots for Tacking Up a Horse

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village. Today I would be talking about how to tack up a horse. So boots are important when you are going to jump your horse or just for basic protection of support. I especially like to use boots on my horse when they Continue Reading

We Painted a Horse! | Blakely’s Birthday Party

okay princess all right you ready to go let’s head over and get set up are we here yeah who do you see Oh baby Oh what are we getting likely a unicorn miss Brittany’s gonna – OH who’s this guy yeah okay how do they hide your fans likely Continue Reading

Red Dead Redemption 2 Upgrades to Horse 2.0

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar wants you to be best friends with your horse. In Red Dead Redemption, the horses were beautiful and obedient and always just a whistle away, and Rockstar talked about letting you bond with your horse, but they didn’t fully commit. After riding a horse Continue Reading

Piper Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt by SmartPak Review

EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily from Marketing, and today I’m reviewing the Piper Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt by SmartPak. This t-shirt is so soft and comfortable. I just love wearing it. It’s also super affordable so I don’t feel guilty about wearing it to the barn where it might get Continue Reading

Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.1

♫ Intro music ♫Hi everyone! My name is Juliann Lumm and I am the Product Manager for Rival Stars Horse Racing, which just released two weeks ago. In these Developer Update videos, we’re going to bring you new updates, new content, new mechanics, and just talk a little bit more Continue Reading

Baby Doll Horse Stable Playset! American Girl doll Play with Horses