3 Swim Drills To Improve Your Front Crawl Technique | Swim Faster Freestyle In your Next Triathlon

– Swimming is a highly technical sport and getting the hang of that technique is no easy task, but then swimming with the wrong technique could mean that you’re swimming inefficiently, on other words, making it a lot harder then it should be. – Yeah, the best way to improve Continue Reading

The most important muscles in swimming :: Strong core = fast swimming

The most important muscles in swimming It’s true that you use most of the muscles in your body to swim, but there is a group of muscles that is essential for swimming more than any other, that is the core muscles. Just look at these amazing men and women competing Continue Reading

The Catch – How To Swim Front Crawl | Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Swimming fast is a combination of fitness and great technique. One is about physical hard work, the other slightly more mental. – Yeah you can spend hours plodding or thrashing up and down the pool per week doing thousands of metres and see very little difference in your swim Continue Reading

4 Breathing exercises for smooth freestyle swimming. Progressions. Beginners

On this video I will show you 4 breathing exercises you can do to maintain a better, more horizontal position while swimming smooth easy freestyle. The first exercise is to Grab the wall with one hand, take a deep breath, put your face in the water and kick just enough Continue Reading


Freestyle is the most popular swimming style and every swimmer from beginner to professional aim to swim freestyle with the best possible technique However, to achieve the proper technique professional knowledge is required On our YouTube channel SWIMMATE we will learn the correct technique for freestyle, starting with a basic Continue Reading

Isaac Newton will help you swim faster. Physics of swimming part 2

In the first part of physics of swimming we talked about floating in the water. On this video we will focus on another force that acts while you are actually swimming. Friction is what makes us move and also what slows us down in the water. To understand this you Continue Reading

Swimisodes – Freestyle Swim Technique – Body Rotation

We have a series of drills that we use to help you rotate your body more . And the first one we do is just simply a body rotation drill. With the fins on and, I want you to grab your snorkel. With your hands at your side, you gonna Continue Reading

Swim Faster With THIS Posture

Welcome to the Effortless Swimming YouTube channel. My name’s Brenton Ford. And this is feedback Friday, where every Friday, we bring you a video of someone’s stroke to help you better understand what to look for, and how to change it, so you can swim faster and more efficiently. Today Continue Reading

Swim smoother and breathe easier in freestyle with shoulder rotation

When swimming freestyle one of the main problems beginners have is the lack of rotation in the stroke. in this video We will analyze why it is important to rotate and we will post a video of drills to help you rotate correctly later on. The main benefit of rotating Continue Reading

The smoothest fastest swimming :: Freestyle Friday #5 :: catch up swim

Helloooou! and welcome to freestyle fridaaaaay! Today’s tip is called catch up swim. If you want to swim faster but with even less effort you need to maximize your stroke efficiency. Many would think that if you pull harder then you can move farther with each stroke, and they are Continue Reading