Isaac Newton will help you swim faster. Physics of swimming part 2

In the first part of physics of swimming we talked about floating in the water. On this video we will focus on another force that acts while you are actually swimming. Friction is what makes us move and also what slows us down in the water. To understand this you Continue Reading

Treading Water Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 16’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson #treading

Alright summer leaguers this is day sixteen. I just got in from practice, we worked on treading. Now treading is a skill a lot of times they use it for life-saving and just staying up above the water but it can actually be used in training as well to help Continue Reading

Swimisodes – Freestyle Swim Technique – Body Rotation

We have a series of drills that we use to help you rotate your body more . And the first one we do is just simply a body rotation drill. With the fins on and, I want you to grab your snorkel. With your hands at your side, you gonna Continue Reading

Underwater swimming

I like the feeling of being underwater, moving, not breathing and yet not needing to breathe. It’s an escape, I guess, from everything: gravity, oxygen, work, feelings, thoughts, noise. They are all gone and all that is left is movement. Water particles moving all around. I become the laws of Continue Reading

Swimisodes – Swimming Streamline

it amazes me what a slight difference in your body position can do to the drag forces the water is 800 times denser than air there’s no forgiveness in the water there’s no mercy you make a mistake you pay for it and I’d love to do this little drill Continue Reading

Swim Like Lucy Charles-Barclay | Swimming Technique Analysis

– Right, If I asked you to think of one of the fastest swimmers in the sport of triathlon, I’m pretty sure most of you would think of Lucy Charles-Barclay. Yeah, she has brought a whole new dynamic to the long-distance racing scene. She basically just attacks from the off Continue Reading

2 Breaststroke Drills for Kicks | Swimming Lessons

A good way to practice kicking for breaststroke is to isolate the kick on its own, and to include the breathing as part of the component in practicing the kick. This will help you with the rhythm of the breaststroke, and also allow you to practice your breathing on top Continue Reading

Learning to Swim as An Adult: How To Glide in Water

Hi I’m Alex and I’m a certified swimming instructor with AquaMobile. Let’s recap our previous lesson when we learned how to do front and back floats. Remember, when doing back floats, to tilt your chin slightly back and look up at the ceiling. Push your hips and stomach up to Continue Reading

Swim Faster With THIS Posture

Welcome to the Effortless Swimming YouTube channel. My name’s Brenton Ford. And this is feedback Friday, where every Friday, we bring you a video of someone’s stroke to help you better understand what to look for, and how to change it, so you can swim faster and more efficiently. Today Continue Reading