How To Boardslide 270 Out On A Snowboard (Regular)

270’s out. Start by jumping a front 3. Land blind and ride away. Now do this. Tailslide, 270. It’s almost exactly the same with a box put in the middle. As you’re in the tailslide, keep your body winding around and once you reach a maximum wound up position that’s Continue Reading

Kaskını Tak! Koruma Ekipmanları / Snowboard ve Kayak I SPXTV

Hello I am Orkun. Today, we will talk about protective gears for snowboard and ski. When we are snowboarding or skiing, as in all other sports branches, using the correct gear is extremely important. I believe, this is probably something you have read or heard about regardless of the sport Continue Reading

How to front flip on skis // MessySnow

Freddy: Do I have a bit of snot on my nose? Thomas: No, but you can get sunscreen if you’d like. Today’s trick tutorial will be a knuckle front flip or a Japanese kick or— This trick has a lot of names. What would you call it? I don’t actually Continue Reading

Water Skiing Tips for Getting Up on the Water

Hey guys, how many of you have ever tried waterskiing, but found it challenging to get up on the skis? Well if that’s the case, you’re luck. Cuz that’s exactly what we’re gonna cover next on this week’s bonus session of Manly Moments. Let ‘er rip! Whoa! (splash) Well if Continue Reading

How to Set a Skin Track for Backcountry Skiing: The Fundamentals

– [Rob Hess] The art of setting a skin track is just that, an art. And when I set a skin track I’m thinking about a few things right off the bat. First would be safety, efficiency, and comfort. Those are my directives when I decide how I want to Continue Reading

How To Backside 180 On A Snowboard

Backside 180s are another iconic trick which can be seen in many a video part from the start of snowboarding to now. A Backside spin is when you approach a jump your normal way and spin so your back is facing forward during the first 90 degrees of the spin. Continue Reading

How To Backside 180 Melon On A Snowboard

Hi everybody this is Gabriel Sequeira. Today I’m going to show you how I’ve learned one of my favourite tricks, a backside 180 with a melon grab. To do this trick I broke it down into three different steps: one straight air with a melon grab, two a backside 180, Continue Reading

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Snowboarding with the New Frame with Nate Holland (Ep 14)

Hey, what’s happening? I’m Nate Holland, GoPro Athlete and snowboarder. Today I’m going to show you some of my GoPro Tips and Tricks, specifically the new Frame Mount and some of the different modes I like to shoot in. As a competitive athlete, I’m always looking for the sleekest, most Continue Reading

How To 180 Nose Roll On A Snowboard

180 Nose Rolls. Nose Rolls are another buttering trick where you don’t actually balance in a pressed position. While riding, jump a Frontside 180 landing switch and when comfortable jump a Switch Frontside 180 to land back regular. Now try the exact same movement of a Frontside 180 and a Continue Reading