Fresh Meat front to back Transitions for Roller Derby

We are going to now teach them to close open close and this is my introduction into going from forward to backward and then a little bit of backwards to forward and side skating. So you are going to have them turn sideways on the track, you’re going to have Continue Reading

5 drills for swimming smooth freestyle technique. Legs sink solution

These 5 exercises will keep your legs from sinking in freestyle and help you swim faster and smoother! 1- The first exercise is butterfly kick. you might not think this is good for your freestyle but the reason why your legs sink is because your hips are sinking. so you Continue Reading

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Skiing with Chris Davenport (Ep 5)

What’s up everybody, its Chris Davenport, professional big mountain skier and GoPro Athlete. I’m right here in my backyard in Aspen, Colorado. It’s a beautiful day. You know, when I’m out skiing, when I’m shooting with my GoPro, which is pretty much all the time, I always have the Chesty Continue Reading

How To Use A Swim Pace Clock | Keeping Time When Swimming

(dramatic music) (clocking ticking) (mechanical typing) – This is a swimming pool clock and whether you’ve used one or not, you’ve probably noticed a clock like this on the wall of your local swimming pool that isn’t there to tell the time. This is actually a pace clock and it’s Continue Reading

Skater Lunges Exercise | How To

Workout is the combination of high intensity and low intensity .Without wasting time. Let’s get started.Are you ready let’s go.Take the right leg back touch it come up.You got it. Let’s pick up the speed and you go.


Jake what are you doing he’s right in there take a look Jake what is that have you guys it look it’s simply black no forget the bottom no dude we can’t go in there there’s no way we’re going in there with that thing look if we’re gonna have Continue Reading