How to replace ignition coil on VW POLO 4 (9N3) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools: Torx bit T30 High-temperature anti-seize lubricant Electronic spray Flat screwdriver Torque wrench Fender cover Ignition coil removal tool 1. Disconnect the breather hose. Raise the positive crankcase ventilation hose. 2. Undo the engine cover screws (4 pieces). 3. Remove the engine cover. Use Torx T30. 4. Undo the Continue Reading

How to replace the air filter POLO 5 1.6 TDI💨

Turn your engine off, pull up the hand brake, pull on the bonnet release lever and open the bonnet. You should now be able to easily see the airbox to change the filter. Remove the two holding bars for the air pressure hoses located on the side of the airbox. Continue Reading

The Rules of Polo – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Polo. The object of the game is to score more goals than the other team. Polo is a sport that is played on horses, known as ‘polo ponies’, and is played on a field that measures a maximum of 300 yards by 160 yards. Teams Continue Reading

LEARN to SWIM & FLOAT for BEGINNERS (easy tutorial)

Hey Leo, how are you today? Today we do a little video for the beginners they don’t know how to swim at all and it’s the first lesson for them so when you are beginner there is no need to go where it’s scary for you for example where you Continue Reading

How To Nose Press Frontside 180 On A Snowboard

The Nose Press Front One has a lot of similarities to a Tail Press Front One. Neither of these tricks are necessarily harder than each other, it just depends on whether you prefer Nose Presses or Tail Presses. Make sure you’re good at 50/50 front ones and straight Nose Presses. Continue Reading

How To Indy, Melon, Mute & Stalefish Grab On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Grabing on jumps Bouncing on a tramp emulates what it’ll be like to pop off a jump. When it comes to actual snowboarding, know what grab you’re gonna try before you approach the jump. Focus on your grab after you leave the lip rather than before. Having a strong ollie Continue Reading

How to Choose a Freeride Snowboard | HOW TO XV

Welcome into my shed, today we’re gonna talk about freeride boards. What characterises freeride board is the fact that there will be more surface on the nose compared to the tail, which means that in the steeps or for stomping a cliff I’ll be able to really be on both Continue Reading