Equestrian Challenge Courses : Trotting Over a Ground Pole

Next we’ll be warming up over trot poles. I’ll start off with trot poles that are fairly spread apart and next come to these trot poles right together. I want to be focusing on maintaining an even trot rhythm while keeping her as straight as possible over the ground poles. Continue Reading

Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Warming up Before Horse Jumping

To begin with, we want to make sure that your horse is well warmed up. We’ll start by just having a walk, trot and canter in both directions. And because we exercise we’ll ask me to adjust my horse’s stride. It’s important to incorporate some of that in your warm Continue Reading

How To Turn Left Riding A Horse

Now we’re going to look at how to turn a horse gently and smoothly left. What we’re going to do is ask Jennifer to walk Chester on (in the same way as we did earlier, with a nudge) and when she gets to the turn, she’s going to bring her Continue Reading

Equestrian Challenge Courses : Trotting Over a Single Jump Fence

We’re now ready to start jumping. We’ll begin by just trotting a small fence from each direction. I prefer to have a cross rail, that’s what helps to keep the horse straight and we also want to make sure we have ground lines on each side of the fence so Continue Reading

How To Mount A Horse Using A Mounting Block

This is how we’re going to learn how to mount a horse correctly. So, Jennifer’s going to bring Chester to the mounting block. Chester’s very used to this type of mounting block. Make sure your horse is well trained and get someone to give you a hand if you’re not Continue Reading

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

Dumbledore: Welcome, everyone to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, a place I assure you is safe for children, and has absolutely no history that might threaten our entire existence. But there is a huge killer snake downstairs. And a giant, vicious three headed dog… and a tree that can Continue Reading

How To Ride A Horse In A Straight Line

Hi my name is Jenny, and we’re here at Wimbledon Village Stables to learn about the different aspects of horse riding and horse care. [Music] As you can see Jennifer is about to ride Chester down the middle of the arena, down what we call the center line. This happens Continue Reading