How To Turn In A Small Confined Space – Inline Skating tutorial

Step one is you have to push. So it’s… it’s really simple you just, I’m going to, I’m going to push with my right leg so you just push out. And If I’m going to turn to my left, Now let’s see if I can, there’s a, the, the little Continue Reading

How To Switch Cork 540 On Skis

Switch Cork 5s are a fun way to get truly corked for the first time instead of being on a flippy, Switch Rodeo axis or being perfectly upright with the Switch 540. Before getting corky, let’s make sure you can pull around Switch 5s easily with the skis on. So Continue Reading

How To Jib On Skis

Before getting into Jib tricks on your Tramp Skis, it’s important to be comfortable on them. Make sure they are tightly strapped, We don’t want any heels to slip out while popping. Get comfortable by warming into the skis with nose presses, shifty’s and spinning some 180s on the ground. Continue Reading


We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the earlier videos “The First Steps of a Child…” on our “Toys overview” channel. You will understand that our child has an advanced vestibular apparatus. He is able to navigate the space very well. His brain feels and controls the body in accordance Continue Reading

Advanced Ice Skating Tips : Advanced Ice Skating: Snake Line

Try the next, it’s called snake line. Gain more speed and snake line, snake line. Change the feet. Change the feet. Yes. Hold the position. Yes. Stabilize your balance. Okay. It will be more difficult when we try it to the backwards. Skating backwards by changing foot. Look at this. Continue Reading


Jon, what did you thing of this exercice? -I think it’s very good for beginners! Because it’s a good way learn how to turn, in a more effective way With a good position It’s also good for understanding the importance of where we look when we are skating Because some Continue Reading

Caillou Learns How to Ice Skate! ❄️⛸ #CaillouHolidayFun | Caillou Full Episodes ADVERTISEMENT

– [Narrator] Hi parents. This video is an advertisement for Caillou’s Holiday Toy Box. Visit to learn more. The weather was getting colder and Caillou and his friends knew that soon it would be winter. They also knew that every year during the winter, an ice skating rink was Continue Reading

How to Teach Kids to Swim : Proper Body Position for Children Learning to Swim

Hi, I’m Samantha with Sharks and Minnows Swim School and I’m going to give you a couple of tips on how to get your child in the right body position in the water. What we’re going to do is have Brianna glide to the steps. The first thing we’re going Continue Reading

Advanced Ice Skating Tips : Advanced Ice Skating: Crossover Exercise

The crossovering, this is an important exercise by turning with more speed. Okay, let’s prepare us. Try, first, this, this is the pushing back in a circle, in a circle, and in a circle. Yes, that’s easy, that’s easy. It will be harder. Okay, change the direction. Always close your Continue Reading