15 Reasons Why You Should Start Freestyle Ice Skating

Hey guys! Can you skate? No? Gooood! Yes? Even better! Let me introduce you to an insanely awesome sport. Freestyle Ice Skating. What is that in the first place? You’ll figure out by the end of this video, but let’s just say now, everything on ice except figure skating. And Continue Reading

【4K】星野リゾート トマム『アイスヴィレッジ』解説付きの観光ガイド☆『ICE VILLAGE』Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Tourist guide with commentary

This time, take the JR Limited Express Super Ozora 7. Limited Express Super Ozora Pendulum Express running 348.5km between Sapporo and Kushiro. From New Chitose Airport, transfer to an express train in Minami Chitose and arrive at Tomamu in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Snowy mountains follow as you Continue Reading

Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

-Hey, guys. I’m here with Justin Bieber, and we’re gonna play some hockey, or as they call it in Canada…? -Hockey. -Really? -Yeah. -Okay, let’s do this. Why do we need all this stuff? This is the dumbest thing. -So, imagine a puck, which is like really hard, you know, Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Blizzard Bonafide Skis 2019-Skis.com

Hi I’m Thom, I just got of the all-new Blizzard Bonafide. This is a 5 out of 5 star ski for me. This has been one of my perennial favorites and they manage to make it even better this year. Kind of reduced the rocker profile a little bit, widened Continue Reading

Rob’s Review-Arbor Foundation Snowboard 2016-Snowboards.com

Hey, I’m Rob. Just got done riding the Arbor Foundation. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a low level board. It’s an entry-level all-mountain board so it’s pretty soft-flexing. The rocker shape makes it really, really easy to roll over on edge but you’re gonna want to Continue Reading


– What is going sharers? I’m Stephen Sharer. We got this box fort and we got this frozen pond. We’re about to stick the box fort on top of the frozen water, will this work? Will it sink? I don’t know. Let’s find out, let’s put it on, let’s give Continue Reading

How to Stop on a Snowboard : Heel-Side Snowboard Stop

We are covering doing a heelside stop. You are going to want to start off going straight. Picture yourself doing your turn, your heelside turn but you’re going to have to stop it right perfectly perpendicular from the way you want to go so rather than just keep on doing Continue Reading