Swimming with Manta Rays in Manta Point | Komodo National Park | Malayalam travel vlog with Eng sub

Manta point is the best place to swim with Manta rays Manta rays are large rays listed as vulnerable by the International Union for conservation of Nature There are 2 types of Manta rays found in Komodo National Park Reef Manta rays and Giant Manta rays Because both of them almost look Continue Reading

Main Ice Skating di Danau beku l #Finlandvlog | #32

Guten tag!! Hallo guys Back again in my video And now I’m with samy boy we want to go to the place, where we can play Ice skating the lake frozen already, so we can Ice skating on that frozen lake it will be fun, so don’t forget to subscribe Continue Reading

2016 Resolution : First Time – Me, Ice Skating, & Hugging 서울

happy 2016 so I came up with my 2016’s resolution which is every week I will do one new thing for the first time in my life and this is one of them thank you guys so today we’re going to die skating I’ve never done ice skating before in Continue Reading

CLIMBING AN ACTIVE VOLCANO: Hiking Mount Batur for sunrise in Bali, Indonesia

The allure of hiking up Mount Batur, an active volcano, had us out of bed at 2 AM to reach the summit – an impressive 5,630 feet. We made it to the top. The physically demanding hike was totally worth it the moment we witnessed an unforgettable sunrise. The views Continue Reading


Golden light rising from the East. Birdsong, say hello to a beautiful morning. Sunny morning as the sun shines. A beautiful morning blends in with nature, spread in the cracks of dew, water droplets, shiny studded foliage Assalamualaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh. Hallo Everyone, This morning me, Mahda, will invite you to Continue Reading

Visiting An Active Volcano (Mount Bromo, Indonesia) – Rozz Recommends: EP13

I just arrived in Surabaya, Indonesia and I’m gonna be visiting an active volcano called Mount Bromo. I first heard of Mount Bromo from a friend. He told me that, hey, you can kind of get to the peak of this mountain with hardly any climbing and I was like, Continue Reading