– I’m ready to hike to top of the mountains. Austrians wear lederhosen. – [Cameraman] Do they wear chucks? – Nah, that’s just a little remix I put on. Hey what’s up? My name is Phil. Milwaukee raised me, basketball pays me and it got me exploring the world. Now Continue Reading

Overnight hike to Mt Feathertop

As someone that loves to climb mountains Mount Feathertop for me is a real beauty because you work pretty hard for the summit it’s a bit of a pinchy climb up to the top and then once you’re at the top you get incredible 360 degree views of the surrounding Continue Reading

Syria’ only Female Olympic Swimmer Inspires a New Generation | Athletes Under Fire

There is no doubt that during this crisis Syria has lost plenty of athletes and swimmers. It’s not fair that Syria counts on only one female swimmer. I mean to create more than one “Bayan” in Syria. (IN THE DARKEST CORNERS (OF WAR-TORN NATIONS (THE OLYMPIC SPIRIT ENDURES) (ATHLETES UNDER Continue Reading

SÖLDEN Skifahren // Carving vom aller Feinsten (91,28 km/h)

Music woooohooo woooohoooo – yes! amazing – that’s so good! Thanks for watching! this short Ski-Carving Clip here from Sölden, Austria with an amazing morning and a pictureperfect view have a great start into your season! Enjoy your turns!

I Went Skating W/ An Olympic Figure Skater! (Adam Rippon)

So I feel like I did not really introduce What this whole video was about and why I was going skating with Adam Rippon? Rippon? I asked him on the ice and I still don’t know but basically his team reached out because he is doing a new YouTube series Continue Reading

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Swimming Pool

Denis Ten: The Figure Skater Who Put Kazakhstan on the Map | GameBreakers

There is no perfect success story. Ups and downs, injuries… ..bad and good impressions… ..it’s a collection of everything. True art is to be able to appreciate yourself and to accept yourself. No-one knows how many hours you spend training, how many injuries you suffered. No-one knows what’s behind the Continue Reading

Inline Skating motivational

Matt Digital Studio, Coimbatore. Logo I am a wheel addict now when I say wheel addict it is not limited to skating alone kbut includes bikes, cars and so on no crashes could stop me from driving or riding and no obstacles could shatter my dreams now when I say Continue Reading

Can A Super Bike Make Up For A Lack Of Talent? | The GCN Show Ep. 325

– Mmm. Are you recording this, John? (laughing) (beeping) – From the majestic climbs of Malibu, California. Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we find out just how much is down to the bike and how much Continue Reading

Spanish Riding School Vienna (Spanische Hofreitschule) – VIENNA/NOW Sights

For the breathtaking horses at the Spanish Riding School, an average workday starts much the same way as most of us should – with a morning exercise. Only the finest Lipizzaner stallions are selected to showcase their skills here. For more than 450 years, the Spanish Riding School has both Continue Reading