Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

We’re gonna go have a little safety meeting in the trees over there. A little ski chair. That’s good enough. Thanks. Good luck rolling a joint that fast in the woods. Not quit as convenient as just being able to vaporize it like the way we do. I’m pretty good. Continue Reading

Drinking & Skating w/ Dustin Dollin – Epicly Later’d – VICE

DUSTIN DOLLIN: I’m going too fast. (SINGING) Little red corvette. See if you can hear me. PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah I can hear you. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Can you hear me? Is that way better? Can you hear me now? Aren’t you the fucking filmer? I’m just a puppet. PATRICK O’DELL: Hi. Continue Reading

Olympic Ice Skater Adam Rippon on Being a Hero for LGBTQ Youth

I admire you. I respect you. I think you’re awesome for being so out and open with who you are. And I know that you talked about the Vice President and saying that– because I don’t know if everyone knows this, but he believes in conversion therapy. And he thinks Continue Reading

Clace Go Ice Skating | Shadowhunters Behind the Scenes: Season 3, Episode 14 | Freeform

So, Todd and Darren, our show runners, call me up and they say, “Hey, so, um, you ice skate, right?” Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the ice. And I go, “No. No, I don’t. Why?” And they go, “Oh. Um, they’re ice skating in episode 3014.” Continue Reading

Tonya Harding Gets Back in the Ice Skating Rink Following National Attention

Tonya Harding is back on the ice are you home on the ice absolutely I mean this is my sanctuary I just love it so much that’s why I’m here the release of the critically acclaimed movie I Tonya starring Margot Robbie has put the spotlight back on the real Continue Reading

Luo Jian Shen Is a Small Skater Known for Big Tricks

Hi, I’m Maggie from the VICE office in Brooklyn. Our friends in China hung out with pro skater, Luo Jianshen as he shreds through the city of Guangzhou. Stay tuned. I’ve never been to the Canton Tower before. It’s my first time here, the highest spot in Guangzhou. I’m very Continue Reading

Action Bronson – “Easy Rider” (Official Video)

Don’t let me die! Solider tell me what happened. Where is my guitar. Where is my guitar! Praise the lord i was born to drive low Feeling like Slash in front of the chapel I’m leaned back with the Les Paul Shit I smoke is like cholesterol Spilled dressin’ on Continue Reading


[Music] hello everyone today I am in Clark in a caballo I told you before that I spent half of my life horse riding so this kind of lifestyle is really special to me so I really really love this place because unfortunately horse riding is not as popular in Continue Reading

Cowboys in Calgary

what’s up you ever been here no cuz I’m showing you for the first time this is beauty you ever see beauty like this before no it’s like looking in your mother’s eye for the first time when you were born you don’t remember that I’m reminding you of real Continue Reading

The Annual Drunken, Deadly Horse Races of Guatemala

oh okay you it’s Rivermen Guatemala penida todos santos into small town northwestern portion of the country every year todos santos has a drunken horse race so i’m gonna go hang out with a family up there and see the festivities hopefully not fall off a horse and get trampled Continue Reading