Iran: A Skier’s Journey

(Wind whispering) Jordan: There are places you don’t understand, but you go. Along the way, there are glimpses… (Street din) (Doors thud) …fragments… (Engine revving) (Cheerful yelling) …parts of a whole we’ll never fully know. ♪ As travellers, we never see the complete mosaic. ♪ ♪ For every open door, Continue Reading

#18, Iran part 4, Isfahan – Märchen aus 1001 Nacht

We are in the Friday Mosque in Esfahan. It is the biggest Mosque in Iran,.. which is build during different time periods. It is built out of bricks.. .. with beautiful mosaics made out of bricks. At some spots you find colorful tiles, and at other spots impressive stucco.. .. Continue Reading