Hiking the spectacular Sechvi Pools

So this is a hike of around 6Km A moderate level hike Scrambling down to the Amud river Where we are at right now To Sechvi pools By the end of the hike there is some steep climb Let’s go The hike is near the city of Safat it is Continue Reading

45. Berlin Inline Marathon skating 2018

It’s 3:30 in the morning We are at the Ben Gurion airport now On our way to Berlin marathon Berlin marathon with skates . Not the running marathon we are doing it with skates we have few hours of flight a head of us.. some training It’s going to be Continue Reading

Extreme hiking at Solomon Mt

So let’s start from the end I am now on my way back from the Solomon’s Mt hike This was one of the best treks I have taken If not the best The length of the tail is 16Km Don’t take this hike on the Summer Take at-least 4 litters Continue Reading

The Hike to the Top of Mount Hermon

“How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity together.” Hebrew: Singing Psalm 133 We just got off a conversation with “Hamal”. “Hamal” is the war room. So basically I just called the army and asked for permission. And then ask them if everything is ok if Continue Reading