Winter Begins on the Ranch

Hi, I’m Mike and this week we woke up to find winter upon us, snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. As mother nature descends upon us with her inconsistent and two-faced personality, it’s time to get the ranch ready for winter. That means getting vehicles and tractors put away, Continue Reading

Synchronized Figure Skating in Wichita

“Five Six Seven Eight” This is where the MidPac sectionals for the synchro skating competition is being held but it’s really exciting it’s great to see the kids all skating together and learning to just live as a team especially this year is a great dynamic with the team and Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis

Hi, I’m Thom, I just got done riding the Rossignol Sky 7. This is a great ski for that solid intermediate up through that advanced level skier that’s looking for a ski that can really take them all over the hill. This thinga has a huge sweet spot and it’s Continue Reading

Fall Winter 19/20 Ski Season Trailer | Salomon TV

– The feeling that I have when I ski is… is a God-given thing. The joy of… sliding the mountain, of just letting go. – Skiing’s not just about how good you look, but its about the character of the human you are, which is what the mountains are about. Continue Reading

Tozeur, Mides, Tamerza and paragliding fly above Chott El Jerid… True Tunisia / season 2 (day 6)

Hello, I’m Benoit. I’ve invited some Youtubers from all around Europe to discover this country with me. So, come with us on an amazing journey. Hi, I‘m Hatice. I’m off to Tunisia today. It’s the first time ever that I’m going to Tunisia. And I’m really excited just to visit Continue Reading

Snowboarding in New Zealand – Ennitime – Ep 1

It’s always nice to come to New Zealand. You get to snowboard again after the summer and see all the friends you don’t usually see during the summer time. The Snow Park is always in great shape and there’s a lot to ride. It feels like riding in Finland, as Continue Reading

Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest

Hey it’s Whistle Norvell and today we’re going to do some hammock camping and some Nordic skiing here in the Carson National Forest So I found a pretty good place to camp here Found a couple of good nice Piney trees a little bit of snow coming down It’s not Continue Reading

Hiking HURRICANE RIDGE – Olympic National Park – WASHINGTON

we’re going out now to hike this hike in Olympic National Park called hurricane Ridge so it’s this huge hike it’s like a thousand foot climb over the three miles of the hike it’s an out-and-back it looks really nice it’s maybe the most popular hike in the park definitely Continue Reading

Kaity’s Review-Rossignol Spicy 7 Skis

Hi my name is Kaity, I just got done riding the Rossignol Spicy 7 womens ski. It was a great front side ski, it’s 86 under foot so if you do get a powder day anywhere on the east coast, or hard packed snow it’s going to be super playful. Continue Reading