How-Slow-Can-You-Go Horse Racing in Hokkaido

– [Narrator] In most of the world, horseracing is a fast-paced, head-spinning event. But here on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, the races move … (quirky music) A little bit slower. (quirky music) Ban’ei is a form of horseracing found only in Hokkaido in which draft horses pull heavy sleds down Continue Reading

top women best horse riders-showing hot horse riding skills.

Horse Riging

Irish jockey almost falls off horse but wins race after incredible recovery

An incredible recovery. It’s the ride of the season.

Carousel Horse Race

Welcome to Bryant Park and the 143rd running of the Bryant Park Stakes. I’m Alex Scordelis here with me is Ben Rodgers. Ben we have a terrific race on our hands today. Blue skies overhead, really dry fast track out there. These animal are gonna move. And the spectator are Continue Reading

Jockey Cam Horse FAST Galloping 44mph. GoPro

From a GoPro Hero, What it looks like… to gallop full speed on a horse… like American Pharoah who won the 2015 Kentucky Derby and the 2015 Preakness Stakes American Pharoah may win the third leg of the triple crown in the Belmont Stakes where he will be asked to Continue Reading

The Champion Horse Rider With Dwarfism | BORN DIFFERENT

MEGAN GREGORY: You’re on a big strong animal and they can throw you off whenever they want. MEGAN GREGORY: I think it’s quite a big achievement for someone half the size of an average person to get on a horse and just go. MEGAN GREGORY: I have achondroplasia. So it Continue Reading