Spinning Out | Official Trailer | Netflix

Skating’s like breathing. I can’t imagine not doing it. And if I stopped, I feel like drowning. That metaphor got dark real fast. You’re a beautiful skater. I’m done. That was my last skate. You’re just a little scared. I’m not a little scared. I’m terrified. You were perfect, and Continue Reading

Olympian Johnny Weir joins Netflix’s ‘Spinning Out’ ice skating drama

 What is two-time Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir doing after his return to the spotlight as NBC’s Olympics commentator? Oh nothing, just acting in a new Netflix series  Weir, who made his acting debut in 2016’s Zoolander 2, will now costar in the 10-episode drama series Spinning Out with Maze Continue Reading

Stewie & Brian Meet Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski | Season 17 Ep. 7 | FAMILY GUY

Oh, my god. Brian, look! Who is that? Oh, that’s figure skater turned flamboyant commentator Johnny Weir. I wonder where Tara Lipinski is? I heard they always have to be within quipping distance of each other. Oh, she’s in the hat! Isn’t she amazing? I feel like she’s my soul Continue Reading