Brigitte’s Review-Head Absolut Joy Skis

Hi I’m Brigitte and I just got off the Head Absolut Joy. I give this ski a 4 out of 5 stars. I think it was a great beginner ski to intermediate ski. It really rode well as far as I had some pretty treacherous terrain, held its ground was Continue Reading

Brigitte’s Review-Atomic Vantage X 77 CTI W Skis

Hi I’m Brigitte. I just got off the Atomic Vantage X 77 CTI. Whoo! And this ski is a 4 out of 5. It’s a great ski for an intermediate skier and I feel that I could go really fast and it ripped great. I felt I could turn easily, Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Atomic Vantage X 77 C Skis

Hi my name is Adam and I was just skiing on the Atomic Vantage X 77 C. I give this ski 4 out of 5 stars. Very lightweight. It’s for that true beginner to mellow intermediate skier. Very easy to skid and slide around a turn. You get Atomic’s Firewall Continue Reading

Side Jump tutorial – off ice (Xtreme Ice Skating)

This video will be a commentary and I will try to take you through the steps of learning the Side Jump, throughout. Now I wanted to comment about the first part of this video. This is a good exercise to actually try. It helps to align your hips and your Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Salomon QST 92 Skis

Hi I’m Thom and I just got off the Salomon QST 92. This is a 5 out of 5 star ski for me. At this waist width it’s just a fantastic all-around ski. Definitely aimed to your high-level intermediate through your advanced-level skier who wants on trail performance but they Continue Reading

롤러스케이트 기본 점프 5가지, 5 Roller skating jump skill

I’m going to show you basic 5 jump skill (Roller skating) jump, 180jump, bunny hop toe jump, waltz jump I got these 5 roller skating jump skill today

2019 Salomon XDR Series Skis Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi I’m Adam from and today I want to talk to you about a fantastic new line of skis from Salmon. These are the XDR’s. XDR has a ski for everyone from your bare bones beginner starting with the XDR 75 all the way up to your hard charging Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Volkl Mantra Skis

Hi my name is Adam and I was just skiing on the Volkl Mantra. I give this ski 5 out of 5 stars. It makes a great ski for bigger, stronger, athletic skiers that really want to ski that can go everywhere. Rocker in the tip and tail, 100mm under Continue Reading


That was a brief summary of what you will learn in the 56 minute long player intermediate pack. Check it out at! And now let’s learn how to 360 mute grab. Finally it is time to do 360 mute grab and if you didn’t quite get the 360 japan Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the Rossignol Sky 7 HD. I give this ski 4 out of 5 stars. Strong intermediate all the way up to expert skier looking for a lot of versatility in it. 98mm underfoot generous amount of rocker and tip taper makes Continue Reading