Choosing the Correct Turn Radius by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin from Today I’m going to help you determine which turn radius is best for your style of skiing. On the lower end of the spectrum we have 11 meters and under. This varying range of turn radius is generally for kids skis. Next, when we get Continue Reading

Ski Boot flex by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin from This video is designed to help you find out which flex of ski boot is appropriate for your style of skiing. First let’s start off by talking about the three misnomers of flex. Flexes aren’t the same for men, women and kids. They each need Continue Reading

DIN Settings by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin from This video is going to give you a quick breakdown of what exactly DIN is and what it means to you. Your DIN setting or your binding setting is personalized for you as a skier so what your buddy’s DIN is, what your mother’s DIN Continue Reading

Types of Twin Tip Skis by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin from Today I’m going to give you an explanation of what exactly a twin tip ski is. There are two basic types of twin tip skis. There’s the symmetrical twin where your dimensions for your tip and your tail are identically the same and typically these Continue Reading

Different Types of Skis and Intended Use by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin with Today I’m going to give you a quick run down of the different type of skis and their intended use. We’ll start off with the most popular category out there. That’s the all-mountain skis. All-mountain skis are going to be very versatile but people are Continue Reading

How to use the Trampoline for Freestyle Skiing | Olympians’ Tips

(HOW TO…) Hi, I’m Ashley Caldwell and I’m an Olympian. And I’m gonna show you a few things we do on the trampoline to help perfect our technique for when we’re doing freestyle aerial skiing. The trampolines are really important for my sport of freestyle skiing. It really helps you Continue Reading

Types of Ski Rocker by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin and today I’m going to give you a quick rundown of the different types of rocker used in skis today. First, let’s start off with the traditional type, and that’s just full camber from tip-to-tail. Full camber is still used in race skis and some carbon skis. Continue Reading

Speed Skiing – Fastest Men in the World

This is Ivan Origone: his aim is to be ranked #1 in the world and break the world downhill skiing speed record held by his brother Simone – 251.4km/h. Riding in line helps to maximize streamlining. The Origone’s are a family of speed skiers where the youngest member wants to Continue Reading

Freestyle Skiing in Argentina – Red Bull Beyond the Line 2012

We are here in Bariloche in Cerro Catedral, organizing the first year of the Red Bull Beyond the Line. This type of event, or competition, is the most even regarding conditions right? There’s a mountain, and you just have to go down. Today we will be evaluating the magnitude of Continue Reading

A Year to Remember: 1946 – Downhill roller skating craze | Framepool

Our rink on the road – the younger brigade of Adelaide prepare for a weekend skating hike through the hills, making their own fun in 46! No splitters on this floor…! After a stiff climb they make up time, crocodiling downhill. This was known as “apple carving” – without an Continue Reading