Steve walking, skating, skiing, hopping | Story for Kids | English for Children

Hello Steve. Hello Maggie. Hello boys and girls, hi. Hello! I am not happy today. Oh dear. No. What happened Steve? Well, I went on holiday in the mountains. First, I wanted to go for a walk but it wasn´t fun. Walk, walk, walk, walk. Hey! Hello! Look, it´s cold Continue Reading

What It Feels Like to Fly off a Mountain on Skis

(haunting music) – [Sarah] When I go down the slope, it takes me three seconds to get from zero to 60 miles an hour. (dramatic music) (skis whooshing) I honestly can’t explain what it feels like, even after 15 years of doing the sport. My name is Sarah Hendrickson, and Continue Reading

True Vs. Orbital Flat 360 On Skis

A true flat 360 means that your feet go perfectly around the side of you. As if you were just sitting down mid-air and doing a 360. The more wobble or spin you have in any trick, the more patient and chill you have to be on take off to Continue Reading

Too Old For This Shit – Aggressive Inline Skating

What I really like about inline skating is all the dynamic the direct feeling of moving feeling the rolls beneath your feet and especially the jumps that feeling of flying for a short moment… you kind of get a feeling of freedom in that moment and that’s just a lot Continue Reading

Determining Your Ski Ability Level by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin with Today I’m going to give a quick rundown of the different skill levels associated with skiing. This video will help you make sure that you’re choosing the right skis and boots that matches up to your ability level. We’ll start off from the bottom and Continue Reading

The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Mid-Rise Review

MOLLIE: Hi, I’m Mollie, I work in Creative, and today, I’m reviewing The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Mid-Rise. I’ve been riding in Tailored Sportsmans since I was ten, and the Trophy Hunters are a really great updated version of the breech. A couple of the updated features are the euro Continue Reading

Beezie Madden: It’s Why I Ride

I’d say what drives me is a competitive nature to be the best. I think it’s a real game of concentration, putting yourself in the horse’s head a little bit. I hear the rhythm of a horse covering the ground, the breathing of the horse, and the horse gives you Continue Reading

Eskadron Fleece Bell Boots Review

KAYLEIGH: Hi, I’m Kayleigh from Merchandising, and today I will be reviewing the Eskadron Fleece Bell Boots. I love these bell boots, because they are flexible and soft while also being durable and protective. In addition to the flexibility and soft sheepskin, I also really like the double hook and Continue Reading

Hunt Seat Arena 360

DUNN: Hi, my name is Erin Dunn. I’m the director of the Hunt Seat riding program here at Morrisville State College. In our outdoor arena today are sophomores, juniors, and seniors riding their assigned horses and working on elements that we’ve worked on in lessons throughout the week. Each student Continue Reading

What others think of horseriding VS What I think! + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

What exactly are you doing? There you go! Hi guys! Thanks for watching this new video! I’m with Romy van der Linden. She has her own channel and asked me to film a video together. I usually don’t respond to that, but I’ve been watching Romy’s video’s for a few Continue Reading