Sina Candrian’s LAAX story

The biggest goal is for sure to shred as a grandmother just having fun each day I’m on the mountain that’s yeah that’s the key of snowboarding. I started snowboarding because my dad started it and I saw him riding down the hills and thought it’s a really nice sport Continue Reading

How To Fly Cross Country (On A Paraglider)

Hi I’m Greg, come and join me on a cross country flight, and I’ll show you how it works. Ooh, what’s that? Everybody’s landing. I wonder why that’s happening? I’m out in front of the hill here, out over the fields and I’ve committed to landing somewhere out and walking Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Rossignol Experience 76 CI Skis

Hi, I’m Adam, I just got done skiing the Rossignol Experience 76 CI.This is a great ski for that true beginner up to mellow intermediate, solid intermediate skier who just wants something really light, really easy, very forgiving to ski. With this tip shape and rocker profile, it really just Continue Reading

Solo 3-day backpacking hike in the Canadian Rockies

So when I go on a longer trip I start to prepare these individual packages. So that’s a breakfast. It’s kind of like the military concept of a meal ready to eat (MRE). So here’s a typical lunch of Ichiban soup and some sardines. This is a typical dinner of Continue Reading

Snowboarding Baldface w/ Moore, Iguchi, Lynn | Volcom Snow

“We are hanging out waiting for the helicopter to take us up to the one and only Baldface Lodge.” “We have the team, we have some of our in-house people, and we’re going to go shred powder at Baldface Lodge and we’re going to test product and talk about all Continue Reading

Water Skiing Tips for Getting Up on the Water

Hey guys, how many of you have ever tried waterskiing, but found it challenging to get up on the skis? Well if that’s the case, you’re luck. Cuz that’s exactly what we’re gonna cover next on this week’s bonus session of Manly Moments. Let ‘er rip! Whoa! (splash) Well if Continue Reading

Ski Snowboard with an Airstream caravan in the French Alps [CC]

[wind noise] Hello and welcome to Les Arcs in the French Alps [music] (I’m) trying to hold this camera steady while we’re going up a chairlift and it’s not always easy. Currently on my first snowboarding for many years since my knee injury that I did kite surfing. So a Continue Reading

Scott’s Review-Rossignol District SMU Snowboard

Hi, my name is Scott, I just got off the Rossignol District board. All in all, this is a great board for someone who’s just learning how to snowboard, trying to you know, learn how to do those curves, carving, skidded turns. Really forgiving, most of the board is rocker, Continue Reading

Building a Snowboarder’s Dream, incl. Red Bull’s Uncorked

The following is a presentation of CBC Sports. They worked day and night. More than 260 hours of work. More than 600 centimetres of snow fell… and they built a rider’s dream. We CAN go fast, we CAN go high, we DO have power. But what’s the point, if there’s Continue Reading