#12. The Best of Malaysia – Penang National Park | Hiking In The Jungle | Monkey Beach

Hello, same road again, different day On our way to the bus stop For a drive to the most north western part of the Island Where we going to go to the national park, it’s monkey beach with wild monkeys. I believe and a turtle sanctuary And the kids are Continue Reading

Quincy Bald Eagles Prove That Age is Just a Number | The Champion Within

age is just a number to say that is one thing but to live it is quite another it’s an ideal that Bill Parsley knows well he has a lot of energy he can’t just sit around the house so he’s here playing hockey once a week and he loves Continue Reading

How to Ice Skate | Ice Skating Rink Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

Christmas Crafts: Clothespin Skier Christmas Ornaments | Parents

How to make Clothespin Skier Ornaments. For this craft, you’ll need: wooden clothespin, paint, paintbrush, ice-pop sticks, painters tape, black and red pens, washi tape, and glue. Tape off clothespin just above split. Tape off clothespins just above the split. Paint the bottom of the clothespin and ice-pop sticks and Continue Reading

Teach Children Skiing | Episode 4 : Getting On and Off Chair Lifts

Hi everybody, This is Nicholas and we’re at Solitude and this is my son Nicholas. No it’s not… your William huh. Hi everybody, It’s Nicholas and this is my son William and this is Teach Children Skiing Episode 4. The best way to get you and your child on and Continue Reading

Kids ice skating, penguin toy helps Alex stay on her feet. Fun with Alex and Chris

Let’s go ice skating!

Ice Skating Lessons!

Hey Buddy! Bodycheck! Ohhh! Down he goes! Oh no Help him up dad. He’s struggling Help him up Here. Give me your hand. I’ll help Good Job HI YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Teach Children Skiing | Episode 2 : Conditions and Basics

Hi everybody, This is Nicholas and this is William and this is Teach Children Skiing Episode 2. Getting your children skiing in ideal conditions is very important. You try to take your kids out in a blizzard, they’re not going to have fun they are going to be cold. You Continue Reading

Top picks for the NHL this season | CBC Kids News

Hi, I’m Abigail Dove withCBC Kids News.I’m so excited for the NHL season. I recently completed my league fantasy draft. And I focused on picking players from what I thought would be the strongest team. So, based on that, here are three teams and their key players to watch for Continue Reading