– What is going sharers? I’m Stephen Sharer. We got this box fort and we got this frozen pond. We’re about to stick the box fort on top of the frozen water, will this work? Will it sink? I don’t know. Let’s find out, let’s put it on, let’s give Continue Reading

Follow the Sunset with Paragliding/Yamaç Paraşütü ile Gün Batımını Takip Et

I’m in Eğri lake. It’s morning. It was a bit cold in the night… but I slept still comfortable. I camped here. And journey the begins! First day first take off. The takeoff will be this hill I’m in Karaman, Karadağ. I will walk nearly 12 km. I left the Continue Reading

Hike Smarter with Hiking Project

Hi, I’m Carl, and I’m one of your experts. On my quest to find ways technology improves well-being, I’ve found Hiking Project: an app that is helping me live a healthier and happier life while I’m out enjoying trails. I spend at least one weekend each month getting out into Continue Reading

Operation Northbound. Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike 2018

the life of an animal is simple their only goal to survive long enough to reproduce humans are animals too however our lives have become far more complicated every year a few thousand people take a step back from society and leave behind the stress and expectations of their previous Continue Reading

tuja’s Trail Guide for an Easy, Breezy Hike Near Montreal

Hi! I’m Jessica, I’m with tuja wellness and we are here today at Parc Régional Chutes Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles. Not the catchiest name in the world, but the most beautiful hike that you guys have got to try. We’re here in the heart of the Lanaudière Region, we’re about an hour and Continue Reading

Main Ice Skating di Danau beku l #Finlandvlog | #32

Guten tag!! Hallo guys Back again in my video And now I’m with samy boy we want to go to the place, where we can play Ice skating the lake frozen already, so we can Ice skating on that frozen lake it will be fun, so don’t forget to subscribe Continue Reading

Vaellus Harrijärvelle [With Eng Subs] | 5 days solo in the wilderness. Hiking and fishing.

Hike to Graylinglake Here I am. At the mountain hotel. In the heat of the stove. The autumn trip started and the first night is on. This is the first evening. I’ll make meatballs. And then I also have red wine. I took the stove with me this time. It Continue Reading