Vlog: Skiing in Luleå · Slow Swedish with Subtitles

Hello everybody! Welcome to a new video on my Swedish channel. Today we are in Luleå and we are going skiing. It is going to be a lot of fun and I hope you will want to come along. Let’s do this! Now we are picking up the skis in Continue Reading

Learn Intermediate Conversational Chinese | Why do you like ice-skating? | Yoyo Chinese

In this lesson, we observe a rather one-sided conversation between our host Tongtong and a young guest. Let’s start by looking at how Tongtong approaches the guest at the ice skating rink. Tongtong calls the guest xiǎo péng you, literally meaning “little friend”. Kids in China can be addressed as Continue Reading

SKATEBOARD WHEELS: All You Need To Know – Skate Setup | Titus

#180sec Köln: Aggressive Inline-Skating mit Matwej

This is Cologne Cathedral. It’s famous for the skaters that used to be here. In 2011 they made the whole area unskateable. They put in notches that are called ‘grindstoppers’, so that we couldn’t skate here anymore. Ever since the grindstoppers were fitted we can’t do grinds here anymore. You Continue Reading

Sign Language: Sports & Recreation : Sign Language: Volleyball, Swimming, Skiing, Snowboarding

Now I’ll teach you the sing for volleyball. Volleyball. Net. Net. Serve, or serve. Swimming. Swimming or another sign is swimming. Swimming competition. Olympic swimmer. Olympics. Laps. Freestyle. Back stroke. Skiing. Skiing. Downhill skiing. Cross country skiing. Snowboarding. Snowboarding. Good job! Practice those signs. Volleyball, swimming, skiing, and snowboarding. Good Continue Reading

Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Hiking

[سلام (salam)] It’s me again Chaima and welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s get started. This week’s topic is hiking. I love hiking. Hiking in Arabic would be translated just into walking in the mountains [المشي في الجبال (al mashy fi ljibal] or yeah [المشي في الجبال (al mashy Continue Reading

LIVE English Lesson – 1st OCT 2017 – Learning English – grammar – childhood – abbreviations

autumn is approaching time to roll down your sleeves the first evening chill arrives with the falling of the leaves red and gold become to us the colour of change and decay for as the seasons are concerned this has always been the way these changes have and always will Continue Reading