Joe Jonas & Nicole Scherzinger with The Skating Aratas – NBC’s I Can Do That

The Skating Aratas (From V – The Ultimate Variety Show) Hi, we are The Skating Aratas from V – The Ultimate Variety Show and we hope you saw us on I Can Do That, the NBC new hit show were we teach two celebrities to roller skate just like us Continue Reading

Skating Las Vegas was CRAZY!

What’s up Planet Roller Skaters! Indy Jamma Jones here and today we are in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the Saturday of RollerCon and we’re on a street skate with the crew! Adventure Skating, lots of fun! Hope you enjoy! [ Girls Like You (Feat. Cardi B) – Maroon 5 Continue Reading

The Best Hike In Las Vegas You Never Knew About!

all right so you’re probably looking for the best hiking location here in Las Vegas maybe you’re visiting from out of town or you’re with some friends the thing is at this place that you’re about to see a lot of people don’t know about unless you’ve been living here Continue Reading

Las Vegas – Wild West Sunset Horseback Ride with Dinner

(acoustic music) – Las Vegas has a colorful country and western history. So today we’ve headed off the strip to do a wild west horseback ride. – Once you get on there, just hold on to your reins. Just relax your reins, just like this. – The nice thing is Continue Reading


What are you bringing? (You’re bringing your fucking lighting?!) I’m a beauty guru!!! I have to film a get ready with me!! ( james and twins dragging eachother) Are there more lights in this Why are they talking? What the fuck are we doing in vegas? HaVIng FUn what’s up Continue Reading