Hiking in Japan​: Mount Daimonji Kyoto

what’s up “Ohayou Gozaimasu” What’s going on this is Femi Smiles. Today I’ll take you to one of my favorite places in Kyoto let’s go Even just getting to Daimonji is a significant ride so I’ll go up over a mountain and down and then go to the mountain so Continue Reading

Solo Trip to Japan: Hiking up North Kyoto Mountains | Japaniku episode 16 (Ikutree)

Hello everybody. Look at where I am! Today I’m doing something quite out of the ordinary even for me in Japan I’m going hiking And it wasn’t something I was considering doing at all But I’m tired of being around temples and around crowds of people so Even though I Continue Reading

Breathtaking Mountain Climb at Mt. Nokogiri! | Hiking Spots near Tokyo

Good morning guys! We’re on a road trip today, we’re heading to Nokogiriyama Nokogiri Mountain. When I asked my sister where she wanted to visit in Japan this is one place that she found online I’ve never been there before, but we looked it up and it looks pretty neat! Continue Reading