Denís Cuerdo – SKATE

When I was a child, my brother used to skate, and watching him skate got my attention from the start. My family didn’t really see it with good eyes, and they finally bought me a skateboard when I was 10 years old – that’s when it all started. I’ve always Continue Reading

Freestyle Ice Skating | My Story

[Music] [Music] hi my name is Patrick and I am a passionate as freestyler my father put me on skates at the age of two he never forced me to skate he always tried to motivate me and showed me things in funny style I’ve always been an over average Continue Reading


Oh, good boy! See! Yes you just walked on water See you’re a natural. Ah, good day everyone, and welcome to today’s video. Santy Claus himself. This is a lil furry little hat. Umm so Storm was getting annoying so I ended up just skinning him, and turned him into Continue Reading

Lauren Graham Broke Her Wrist ‘Skiing’

Hi. Hi. I just learned that you haven’t been here in a year and a half. Is that right? It doesn’t seem like it. It doesn’t. Maybe that’s wrong. Maybe it’s so right, it’s wrong. Maybe it’s so wrong that it’s right. I want to ask you about your hand. Continue Reading


so we’re here but I forgot the number hello hey Baltimore the number of unique stuff for today I Korea hello hello let’s say hi to my viewers I often the tube a lady I was like the weather and she was like it’s gonna be minus 10 degrees and Continue Reading

Skate Free | Sean Malto’s Daily Life at Home in Kansas City | Nike SB

you I’m Sean Malto and we’re in Kansas City so yeah this is my place moved in five years ago it’s still like just traveling and being gone haven’t set it up all that much but these are just a little art shows that Escapist is done these ones are Continue Reading