National Rodeo Champion

♪ Music ♫ Sarah Angeloni: I’m a national champion, and you’ll never guess in what. ♫ Music ♫ Narrator: James Woods High School senior Sarah Angeloni is passionate about rodeo and won the breakaway roping championship at the 2016 National High School Rodeo in Wyoming this past summer. Sarah Angeloni: Continue Reading

How to Do Snowboard Tricks at the Park : How to Try Smaller Tricks on a Snowboard

MATT VANSTEENIS: Hi. My name is Matt Vansteenis on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to learn how to snowboard the terrain park here at beautiful Mt. Brighton in Brighton, Michigan. Okay, we’ve come to the little, little tread section right here with the little baby rails. This would Continue Reading

BTS on First Impressions, Secret Career Dreams and Map of the Soul: 7 Meanings

-Our guests tonight, one of the biggest groups on the planet. Their new album, “Map of the Soul: 7,” is out now. BTS right here! [ All cheering ] -Okay, sit down. -Welcome to the New York City subway. What do you think? First impression. -Hot dog, coffee. New Yorkers, Continue Reading

­čś▒SWIMMING POOL PRANK­čś▒| We Are The Davises

oh dude what the heck man oh my god Tyler wait a sec let me look we got to go to the hospital dude hey everyone it is Tyler and Connie from We Are The Davises and we are getting ready to go to our local swim park hopefully it Continue Reading

Tyler Nicholson & Jamie Anderson: A Snowboarding Love Story | CBC Sports

I knew she was an awesome shredder and I knew that, and was just, like, an icon in snowboarding, so, like, I was super intimidated to talk to her. And then we’re out drinking, and dancing, and staying at one of my sponsors’ house and he, like, walked me to Continue Reading

Exploring Switzerland Part 2: First Glider + Mountain Coaster + Paragliding: TSL Vlogs

Hi guys! I’m Ra. And I’m Nic. In our first Switzerland vlog, we explored Zurich with our friends Gabriel and Char Sew, one of us even got a tattoo. This time, we’ll be heading to the cities of Bern and Lucerne using Klook Swiss Travel Pass, which allows us to Continue Reading

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review – Over 10 Hikes and Strong as Ever!

So this is a quick video review of the Montem hiking poles that I bought about six months ago. I’ve probably taken them out hiking about 10 times. I’ll just go through the things I like. I think that probably the thing I like best about them is the super Continue Reading

Snowboard Academy: Is This a Movie? (Movie Nights) (ft. @MarzGurl)

[intro music] Snowboard Academy bring it home today on videocassette available from Columbia TriStar home video Hi guys, welcome back to Movie Nights. I’m here with my good friend Kaylyn Saucedo – [Kaylyn] Hi Thank you for having me today I’m so glad that you could fly out just for Continue Reading

Best Snowboarding Location in Turkey Sarikamis Kars! (English subs) Snowboarding macerasi!

I am introducing to you the king of Snowboarding! That’s me! Lol Our friend is dead! Ready Oh my god! By the way This is the very first snowboarding of 2019-2020 season Probably nobody has tried it before! No one has tried it this year This place is called the Continue Reading