The Story of the Most Surprising Gold Medal: Steven Bradbury | Olympics on the Record

There’s Steven Bradbury, first on the left, lining up for the final of the men’s 1,000m speed-skating event at Salt Lake City. He was competing in his first Olympic men’s final at the age of 30, a career highlight for a veteran athlete who had paid his dues in a Continue Reading

Avalanche Escape – Julien Lopez – Extreme Skier

I was lucky, Unlike too many of my friends In the mointains to be equipped with an ARVA (beacon), a shovel & air bag seems to be the minimum To have friends that are trained and prepared to get you out in under 15 mins is indispensable Inspite of that Continue Reading

Best Hike in Joshua Tree National Park – Eagle Cliff Mine, Desert Queen Mine loop

good morning it’s January 8 2017 we’re in the Joshua Tree National Park we’re here at the Split Rock loop today we’re going to go and try to find the Eagle Cliff mine and there’s supposed to be a miners house type of structure there that they used when they Continue Reading

Caught On Camera: Skiers Caught In Avalanche

COMM: These three skiers had a lucky escape after being caught in a dangerous avalanche. COMM: Danes Kristian Klausen, Thomas Mohl and Nicolai Kanstrup were off piste in Whistler, Canada last year, when one of them accidentally triggered the mishap. COMM: Thomas started to traverse a steep slope, shortly after Continue Reading

Spirit Riding Free Game – Crocodile Hiding with Lucky, Pru, Abigail and Horses – Horse Playset

Lucky, Pru, Abigail from Spirit Riding Free There’s a crocodile in this room with the horses and we need your help to find him. Spirit! There you are. Have you seen a silly crocodile hiding anywhere? Lucky, stay here with Pru and Abigail while Spirit and the kids help me Continue Reading

Spirit Riding Free Pancake Art Challenge | Marissa and Brookie

– Mine or … – Mine. – Yeah. (upbeat guitar music) – [Both] Hey guys. – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie, and today we’re doing the Spirit Riding Free Pancake Art Challenge. – This is such a special video sponsored by Dreamworks Animation. – Today we’re doing the Spirit Riding Continue Reading

Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse Assembly Instructions

This video will show how to fully assemble your Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse. Please note that the Spring Horse in this video may appear different than the Spring Horse purchased. However, these assembly instructions are used across the entire Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse line. Unpack the box, the contents of Continue Reading