EXPIRED – The Mix Residence – Ocean View Condos In Rosarito Beach, Mexico by Darrell & Gerardo

Hey everyone Darrell Graham with my partner Gerardo Oceguera here from Baja123 real estate group in beautiful rosarito beach mexico today we are bringing you an exciting investment opportunity in the hotel zone near the downtown area located just north of the famous Rosarito beach hotel and just mere footsteps Continue Reading

Patrolling the Border on Horseback | The Daily Signal

We don’t do anything different than any other agent does while we’re going out and enforcing the immigration laws, except that we do it on horseback. The Border Patrol was born on the back of horses. In 1924, when the Border Patrol was established by Congress horse training was actually Continue Reading

Horse Riding In Talpa

(dramatic music) – [Luis] Hi guys! ♪Run ♪ – Okay I’ll see you later then. (upbeat intro) – [Moncheese] We’re smashing in the back. – What is happenin’ everyone and welcome to another video here in Mexico. One thing real quick before the video starts, I didn’t really properly introduce Continue Reading

Ajijic’s Hidden Sanctuary + Riding a CRAZY horse!

What’s up Tangerineys! Hey guys. If you’re new here, I’m Maddie, I’m Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels! We’re really excited about the next few days coming up! And to be honest, I really did not see this surprise coming! Yeah, we were kind of in shock. We’re, I’m still Continue Reading

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

ALOHA KE AKUA Ének: Nahko Bear Zongora: Medicine for the People Add kölcsön füled és add kölcsön kezed, add kölcsön mozdulatod, amit csak tudsz. Jöjj tanítani és jöjj tanulni, Jöjj Isten képére és hasonlatosságára, Mert képes vagy rá Teljes alázattal és tisztelettel. Oly sok erőt kaptam, mégis nehéz szeretnem ellenségeimet, Continue Reading