Snooki & JWoww’s DNA Test Results Will Shock You 💉Moms with Attitude | MTV

– Hi, guys. (fun rhythmic music) (groaning) – Today, Nicole and I wanted to do a DNA test. We’ll see (mumbles) and family tree. – Mmm hmm. – We want our kids to one day understand where they came from. – Yes, and I don’t even know where I came Continue Reading

【ENG SUB】游泳先生 Mr Swimmer EP01(主演:鞠婧祎、Mike、嚴禹豪、張莎莎、胡兵、黃馨瑤)

�™?Whenever I am thinking of you, it makes me smile �™? �™?So often that I have lost count �™? �™?i>Aware of that things have been put off �™?/i>�™? �™?i>Mischievous and naughty thoughts have constantly been forming in my head �™? �™?i>Waving my fingers in the air to draw �™? �™?i>your Continue Reading

CCI*** Tattersalls 2012 Eventing

a big thank you to his lair for supporting this video okay we are on Tara Stiles the cci tree star class this is John Gorrie blue I’m writing today as you can see now it’s a lovely cool day here now not too much sunshine perfect conditions from own Continue Reading