LTR Training Tip #66: Checking Your Under-Saddle Tack And Equipment

Hi, I’m Meredith Hodges, and welcome to the Lucky Three Ranch Training Tips. You’re going to be wearing a properly fitted riding helmet from now on—no exceptions. If your equine were to bolt or buck, a helmet could prevent a concussion. Around the Lucky Three Ranch, it’s always safety first! Continue Reading

How This Dog Learned To Ride Horses

The girl that has him was absolutely desperate. He was very very aggressive. Not just to other horses, but people as well. He was severely overweight, so he needed an exercise program for his own health. And so I trained him, I teach him to do some fun things, tricks, Continue Reading

top women best horse riders-showing hot horse riding skills.

Horse Riging

City retracts decision, allowing elderly couple to offer free miniature horse rides on the beach

come on Rosie come on get up it’s not every day you see a horse on the beach but in this case Rosie’s owner brings her out here a couple times a week just to give children free rides on the beach because it’s one three times a week Marty Continue Reading

Neglected Pony Hooves Were So Long He Couldn’t Walk | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E03

– We were called by the animal welfare authorities. There was a pony locked up for a long time, and he needed us to take him and to care for him, because he was really, really heavily mistreated. It was just horrible. We are a horses and farm animal sanctuary. Continue Reading