Scariest Hike In China – 3 Peaks Mt Huashan – China Adventure v13

Burgess Shale Interpretive Hike – Yoho National Park

Join us for a guided hike to the Burgess Shale in Yoho national Park and spend a day with a Parks Canada interpreter. So one of the things that we’ll see when we get up to the quarry is we’ll see a real amazing diversity of body plans. So we Continue Reading

iPhone Helmet Camera Mount

a has today i want to show you how to turn your iphone into action sports helmet camera actions force home it now so far 30 today’s call the hospital a is a universal video now it worse with all smartphones on the market on so with that uses my Continue Reading

How To Mount A Horse Using A Mounting Block

This is how we’re going to learn how to mount a horse correctly. So, Jennifer’s going to bring Chester to the mounting block. Chester’s very used to this type of mounting block. Make sure your horse is well trained and get someone to give you a hand if you’re not Continue Reading

Why Don’t Humans Ride Zebras?

(classical music) (writing on chalkboard) – Hi there, I’m Josh Clark. And this is Brain Stuff. And this is the Brain Stuff where I explain to you why we don’t ride zebras. Is that right? Maybe you’ve seen somebody ride a zebra before, or, there’s videos on You Tube, and Continue Reading