Oh my god… it smells so bad. This might be the grossest bathroom… I’ve been in… In my entire life. *coughing* Hey! Hey! Look at you, cute little mountain dog aren’t you cold? God… Talk to me how do you feel? Freezing! I cannot feel my mouth, or my Fingertips Continue Reading

Hiking to Elephant Mountain | Xiangshan | 象山 | Travel Vlog | Kolang Kaling

Hii.. hello everyone… we meet again in our channel Kolang Kaling now we are at Xiang Shan MRT station (Elephant Mountain MRT Exit 2) and we are going to.. up up? Xiang Shan (Elephant Mountain) how long it would be? about 20~30 minutes that’s for someone fit for me who Continue Reading

How to Do Snowboarding 180 Grinds : How to Pop When Doing a 180 on a Snowboard

When learning the one eighty, the first thing you could learn is the pop; it’s all about the pop and how your body is squared up with your knees. Your knees and your shoulders, always want to be squared up, in any trick you do, any circumstance, in snowboarding, you Continue Reading

On | Cloudrock Waterproof – our first lightweight hiking shoe made for speed

On was born in the Swiss Alps, and we all love to go trail running and hiking. Meet the Cloudrock Waterproof, On’s first speed hiking boot. It combines the protection and support of a traditional hiking boot with the speed and lightness of a running shoe. It’s a lot of Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Blizzard Bonafide Skis 2019-Skis.com

Hi I’m Thom, I just got of the all-new Blizzard Bonafide. This is a 5 out of 5 star ski for me. This has been one of my perennial favorites and they manage to make it even better this year. Kind of reduced the rocker profile a little bit, widened Continue Reading

Snowboarding in New Zealand – Ennitime – Ep 1

It’s always nice to come to New Zealand. You get to snowboard again after the summer and see all the friends you don’t usually see during the summer time. The Snow Park is always in great shape and there’s a lot to ride. It feels like riding in Finland, as Continue Reading

Exploring Switzerland Part 2: First Glider + Mountain Coaster + Paragliding: TSL Vlogs

Hi guys! I’m Ra. And I’m Nic. In our first Switzerland vlog, we explored Zurich with our friends Gabriel and Char Sew, one of us even got a tattoo. This time, we’ll be heading to the cities of Bern and Lucerne using Klook Swiss Travel Pass, which allows us to Continue Reading