Inside UK’s Mounted Police Unit

I’m so lucky! I’m at the top secret Mounted Horse Training Centre in London somewhere with these absolutely beautiful horses. They’re the ones that you see when you go to football games, or maybe out on patrol, then you see these beauties. They all get together a few times a Continue Reading

CHP VLOG Ep. 1 – Mounted Patrol Unit

Hey, I’m Officer Ronie Esquivel. Thank you very much for tuning into our vlog. Today, we’re gonna hang out with the Mounted Patrol Unit that’s located at our Capitol, but first we need to prep the horses. So let’s go see if they need some help. Let’s go. Sergeant DiMaggio? Continue Reading

Cavalry was a stupid idea

Using horses in warfare as cavalry is a stupid idea and that’s what I’m going to talk to you about in this video which has been sponsored by our friends at the Great Courses Plus More of them later Now, I want you to cast your mind back back to Continue Reading