War Horse (2011) Trailer 2 HD – Steven Spielberg Movie

Wat is het? Het is een paard dat rondliep in het niemandsland. Wat voor paard? Een wonderbaarlijk paard, als je het mij vraagt. Engeland is in oorlog! We zijn in oorlog! Ik beloof dat ik voor hem zal zorgen. Als me dat lukt, geef ik hem terug aan jou. Hij Continue Reading

The First No Pants Subway Ride

I was going to meet someone for brunch so I was on the 6th train, I’m reading my book, minding my own business and there’s like commotion on the train, some people are like murmuring and i look up, and there’s a guy, he has no pants on I do Continue Reading

Cool Costume Idea! How To Make Woody Riding Bullseye Costume

Welcome to Pins and Things We are making today this cute little Sheriff Woody costume that is riding bulls eye. Are you riding bulls eye? Can you run around and ride your bulls eye? Don’t fall over, just ride it huh He’s fun So the lighting is not very good, Continue Reading

Machu Picchu Horse Riding!

thats the, what can you call them.. dunkay cariers some are horses some are not mules the look so sad look at them its because its to early thay feel the same as us hahah my friends second day is the most difficult second day energy my friends its for Continue Reading

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Cat Piano Problem!

Mario: So uh, what do you want to do today? Rosalina: Well, we can always- (meowing) Mario: Jeffy, stop it! No cat piano today! Jeffy: But I wanna play my cat piano, daddy. Mario: Well, it’s annoying Jeffy. I don’t want you playing your cat piano. Jeffy: Well, can I Continue Reading

Death Rides a Horse (Classic WESTERN Feature Film, Movie in Full Length) *full movies for free*

Watch out. That gang’s around here. With what we’ve got in the cart, 200,000 dollars, we’d better keep our eyes open. – Here, this will warm you up. – Great. We can use it. – I’m going back. You stay on guard. – Don’t worry. – He goes to his Continue Reading

Carter Slade’s Last Ride | Ghost Rider (2007) Movie Clip

What happened? – Blackheart. – They got her. Where’s the contract? I can’t end this without it. Just gonna have to dig this whole damn place up myself. It’s not there, kid. Contract of San Venganza. Hell on earth. Now, you’re gonna have to trust me. And why is that? Continue Reading

SML Movie: Jeffy The Rapper 2

Jeffy: Tacos gave me diarrhea, diarrhea, DIARRHEA! Tacos gave me diarrhea and it is in my pants! Mario: Jeffy, stop it! Don’t sing about stuff like that it’s gross! (BTW, all of the parenthesis are from iSunnyD) (doorbell rings) Jeffy: Somebody is at the door, at the door, AT THE Continue Reading