Sierra’s on a Runaway Horse ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

(synthesized music) – Don’t bust ’em Sean! – [Everyone] Oh! – [Sean] Oh! – Get on it! – Sean Garret knows a lot about horse power. But ain’t gonna lie, this is my first time horseback riding. – [Cowgirl] Be careful. – Sean coming from behind. You got the biggest, Continue Reading

Death Rides a Horse (Classic WESTERN Feature Film, Movie in Full Length) *full movies for free*

Watch out. That gang’s around here. With what we’ve got in the cart, 200,000 dollars, we’d better keep our eyes open. – Here, this will warm you up. – Great. We can use it. – I’m going back. You stay on guard. – Don’t worry. – He goes to his Continue Reading

Inside the Life-or-Death World of Competitive Bull Riding

They do call bull riding the most dangerous sport on earth. But, bull riding can prepare you for so many things in life. Courage, respect, discipline. My dad was a bull rider. And I rode bulls. And now to see my son do it, it makes me really proud. So Continue Reading

The Meaning of Chess in Movies

I’m fascinated with chess in movies and not just because I played chess in middle school and competitively in high school and college chess is so interesting because of how much meaning it can have in film whether it’s through analogy, metaphor, or even a plot device filmmakers love using Continue Reading