– I’m ready to hike to top of the mountains. Austrians wear lederhosen. – [Cameraman] Do they wear chucks? – Nah, that’s just a little remix I put on. Hey what’s up? My name is Phil. Milwaukee raised me, basketball pays me and it got me exploring the world. Now Continue Reading

Night snowboarding with Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak

When we came here the day before yesterday, we couldn’t believe our eyes. In Bielsko or in Wilkowice, where I live there was no snow at all. We’ve prepared three spots for today. We worked on them yesterday, the conditions for building were perfect, the snow was wet and soft Continue Reading

A Wheelchair Designed for Hiking

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PUSH | Behind The Scenes With DDG + Pro Skater Neen Williams For New Interactive Music Video

Light work. That’s crazy! We’re collabing with skaters. With the creativity of music. With technology. With art. The Berrics skatepark is lit up. It’s something I’ve never seen before in my life. Today we’re at The Berrics and we’re doing a Sony collaboration. So Neen Williams is skating to my Continue Reading

BMX & Skate SlowMo Montage | Challengers | Hot Wheels

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SKATE KIDS TRICK COMPILATION #1 | Camp Woodward | Hot Wheels

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Pop Team Epic – Skiing, Singing & Killing

K-POP ROLLER SKATE DISCO met Pei Yin 🇰🇷✌🏻 (with sub)

Hey, and awesome that you are watching this new vlog I am going to a K-pop rollerskate disco with Pei Yin Which means we will have a K-pop disco party on 80’s skates Super cool and I am really excited! That is why I will be vlogging it And if Continue Reading