Nashville, Washington and Pennsylvania – All Access

(heavy beat music) – [Narrator] The Canucks travel to Music City where they will look to find a spark to ignite the rest of the six game road trip. Starting their longest trek of the season with a disappointing loss in Dallas, the Canucks focus on playing as a five-man Continue Reading

SkateBias 22 – San Francisco Monday Night Skate – Room to live

We’re at one of the highest points in San Francisco. About to go down one of the best inner-city runs there is. And … you are on Monday Night Skate! (Music) We’re going down Pine Street in San Francisco, California. (Music) [OFF CAMERA]: (Counting-up): 5, 6, … 8 [OFF CAMERA]: Continue Reading

Caillou Learns How to Ice Skate! ❄️⛸ #CaillouHolidayFun | Caillou Full Episodes ADVERTISEMENT

– [Narrator] Hi parents. This video is an advertisement for Caillou’s Holiday Toy Box. Visit to learn more. The weather was getting colder and Caillou and his friends knew that soon it would be winter. They also knew that every year during the winter, an ice skating rink was Continue Reading

How-Slow-Can-You-Go Horse Racing in Hokkaido

– [Narrator] In most of the world, horseracing is a fast-paced, head-spinning event. But here on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, the races move … (quirky music) A little bit slower. (quirky music) Ban’ei is a form of horseracing found only in Hokkaido in which draft horses pull heavy sleds down Continue Reading

These Hungarian Horsemen Predated the American Cowboy

(fast-paced, bouncy violin music) – [Narrator] Before the cowboys of the Wild West, there were Hungary’s Csikós, horseman of the Puszta, Hungary’s Great Plain. There way of life is centuries-old and blends tradition with death-defying riding. They are some of Europe’s greatest horsemen. – [Narrator] The Csikós are tasked with Continue Reading

Our Community: Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association, August 15 on AMI-tv

-Atticus, until he was three, he couldn’t walk. Hippotherapy is physiotherapy on a horse. Narrator: For those with physical disabilities, riding horses can open up a new world. -It improved my life a lot. I’ve been able to stand up straighter. -The horse’s pelvis moves in a very similar manner, Continue Reading

No Roads, No Cars, Just Boats

– [Narrator] Today’s journey takes us to the Dutch town of Giethoorn. Giethoorn is just like any normal town. With one exception, roads. They don’t have them. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] And boats, lots of boats. – [Narrator] That’s Jan, one of the town’s resident boat builders. He’s known for Continue Reading